Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What makes a product a "hit"?

Usefulness tops the reasons promotional pieces are kept, used or passed along each year when our industry conducts independent surveys. Unfortunately there are still consumers that are missing how maximizing their marketing dollars with by using ad specialty products, because they only regard these pieces as a product. Often we are asked, what is the best product I can pick or how can I be effective with a small marketing budget for promotional pieces. Focused advertising is about narrowing down what his useful to individuals you want for clients, then selecting items those individuals will find consistently useful. In other words to coin a realty phrase, it’s ‘location, location, location and your paying for advertising space in the daily fabric of their life.

A study released by Promotional Products Association International conducted among travelers at New York’s La Guardia Airport revealed new insights into promotional products’ value and effectiveness. Among the travelers surveyed questions were asked regarding recall for the name of advertisers who had given them a branded promotional product within the last 12 months. An impressive 88 percent could recall the name of the advertiser and 85 percent have done business with an advertiser as a result of receiving an item.

Promotional Advertising is about generating a one on one message that will be repeated to hundreds, thousands and even millions of viewers. This same study by PPAI reports that 82 percent of respondents possess at least one and as many as 10 promotional items, with 81 percent keeping them because they are useful. What’s more, 53 percent said they use these products at least once a week and even more—47 percent—said they keep promotional products for more than a year.

Promotional products work because they leave a lasting impression that often taps into more than one of their five senses which contributes even further to a personal and lasting connection. Building a sensory connection with a promotional advertisement helps to reinforce brand loyalty and shape consumer behavior because its recipients are tangibly connected to the company or organization. Looking for a positive change this year, start by changing your preferred advertising medium to the best choice for your marketing dollars. For some quick tips with common promotional pieces check out their previous postings on our company blog or ask us to send you guides to consumer behavior we've designed to keep our cleints on top in thier industry.  

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