Friday, July 1, 2016

How Is CAS a Consumer Benefit?

Why are we certified?  

When a distributor like any other professional takes the time to master more knowledge in their industry the effect is better results for their clients. In addition to the requirement of longevity in our industry to apply; PPAI’s CAS certification requires testing of knowledge across the following ever 3 years to insure certified consultants bring “their A game” to consultations. 

What types of mastery are required? Course work in the following categories:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Distribution
  • Trends
  • Artwork
  • Business management
  • Legislation, Intellectual Property, Legal & Ethics
  • Developing and managing programs
  • Trade shows product and display implementation
  • Integration of Technology
  • Product Safety
 Additionally this certification must be renewed every 3 years, with proof of additional course work- keeping our knowledge current!

Are there additional certifications? Yes, and we are working towards those goals! 

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What Is The Benefit To Multiple Memberships?

On our website 
we display our association memberships. Displayed are both ASI and PPAI's logos.

What exactly does ASI and PPAI stand for- why both, and how does that benefit me as the consumer? 

In many ways the organizations are the same. PPAI stands for Promotional Products Association International and ASI stands for Advertising Specialty Institute; which is also an international member’s organization. 
  •  Both organizations exist to support the advertising specialty industry and both are comprised of both distributors like us and suppliers; those that provide us your printed products. 
  •  Both organizations are committed to advocacy for our industry and education for our members. 
Our on going commitment to research and education related to marketing, brand and production trends translates into expertise for you by being involved with these associations. 
Tools, education, suppliers vary a bit from organization to organization so the combined reach and resources of these two organizations provides our company an advantage to cutting edge tools, as well as current relevant information about branding, marketing and imprinted products. 
Both groups provide us independently gathered, comprehensive research related to consumer behaviors related to promotional advertising
PPAI facts gather by-  studies conducted by RELEVANT INSIGHTS, Baylor University, MarketTools Inc and other firms.
ASI's 2016 facts gathered

Top Tools Often Overlooked As Resource

Many of our clients are so busy processing day to day activity that they have a hard time slowing down to look at the larger picture for how all of the tools we offer can assist them, making lighter work of what might seem to be a difficult task. Our post Apparel Purchasing Overwhelming You? Apparel Purchasing Made Easy listed some of the reasons clients can feel overwhelmed

Our knowledgeable staff can help you with product education in person and with on line tools.

  • Set up a meeting here in the showroom comparing samples.
  • Have us pull samples to bring to a meeting at your location
  • Ask us to set up a mini show for the entire organization for a few hours to allow departments to come in and feel fabrics, try on apparel and decide what is going to work for them! 

Learn the basics in construction difference, fabrics, trends and how a branded apparel piece will perform.

Make sure you are purchasing the correct apparel for your next promotion; even when you have custom needs, we have solutions! 

That sounds great, but I can’t meet with you in person or my meeting is in 30 minutes, or my company is based here, in CA and overseas…how do I share information?

No problem…no really ….Did you know we can …

  • Create mini e-catalogs customized to the needs of your organization? YES!
  • Generate virtual images of your logos on apparel? YES!
  • Do you need sizing charts, images that really explain the fit of apparel in a way that make sense to the average person? YES!
  • What about a video that shows apparel in action? YES!
  • Create E stores? YES!
    • Selecting only the approved apparel styles in the store
    • Selecting only the colors you want individuals
    • Adding logo on the images in the store
    • Activating a commerce component to pay for apparel on line
    • Receive electronic ordering information
        Request e documents such as-

Ready to get started??