Friday, January 17, 2014

Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef….

If TV is any indication we are obsessed with cooking shows.
The kitchen is ripe for promotional advertising….
Why are these kitchen pieces a good investment? Quality products are used daily and weekly, but rarely discarded. Think beyond brick and mortar, kitchen items can be found at tail gating, on the deck, at picnics and in break rooms at companies.
Food is a personal universal and timeless connection to cultures. Using recipes and contests offer a fun way to connect with social media. On any given day, several folks on my face book feed will post photos of meals or links to recipes to share with others.
How can I use them for my company?
  • Offer hot items as part of a grand opening redemptions
  • Create a contest point accumulation to win a top prize
  • Design a content using promotional pieces
  • Create a package for incentive to collect data at an expo or street fair.
  • Purchase on the go pieces like chairs or coolers for larger venue settings
  • Buy name brand popular retail pieces like mason jars or red solo cup party cups to get attention for your brand.
"Cooking" up a great promotion with funcational peices that work in our daily rountines can be fun; check out some of the photos with this post and share your favorites, or perhaps a recipe.

Monday, January 6, 2014

What will you do differently this year?

Happy New Year, 2014 is here! 

Do you need more fun at work? 
Do you need a way to connect with your client base that is not selling? 
your social media a bit boring? 

Considering that there is something almost everyday of the year to celebrate, figure out how to have more fun with your marketing by highlighting dates that work for your company. 

Did you miss the boat already for a Jan 2014 roll out? 
Make a note to be ready in 2015 or start planning for next month now. Begin by reviewing dates, pick dates that work for your company products or services as well as your employees personalities. Most importantly, start sharing your brand story today! 

We’ve highlighted 12 national month dates and 12 specific dates and would like to hear ideas from you for how you plan to incorporate any of these dates into your marketing plan or interoffice fun; blog on the blog- share your story with others.

Self Love Month
Shape up month
Worldwide Rising Star month
National Personal Self Defense Month
National Mentoring Month
Get Organized Month
International New Year’s Resolutions for Business Month
International Wealth Mentality Monty
National Hot Tea Month
National Blood Donors Month
National Poverty Awareness Month
International Creativity Month

4 Trivia Day
8   Show and Tell at work day
12 Pharmacist Day
15 National Hat Day
16 get to know your customer Day
20-26 clean out your inbox day
21 National Hugging Day
22 Answer your Cats Questions Day
23 National Handwriting Day
24 thank your mentor day
25 National Seed Swap Day
27-30- National Meat Week
28 Fun at Work day

Need more ideas? Consult our date’s section of the website for more dates to create more buzz for your brand in 2014.