Sunday, June 30, 2019

Functional Branding A Step Away

Yesterday the blog highlighted some ways to add value and connect with your community using simple paper, vinyl or magnetic products. However there is billboard space waiting just beneath your feet.

Floor mats serve a practical purpose for safety and facility appearance. Most consumers would easily recognize that floor mats are helpful to reduce moisture from rain or snow or to wipe your dirty shoes before entering a building; but what about other reasons to use mats?

  • Mats can be cushioned to reduce fatigue for professionals who stand on their feet all day ( co brand to reduce costs and get your logo inserted in someone else's space)
  • Add a personal touch to home decor (which is a great gift for real estate, interior decoration or home services)
  • Create a call to action- contest, seasonal purchase, reminder of company goals, even the signature of every employee in the department- pledging to provide outstanding service. 

  • Floor mats are Made in USA
  • Can be custom shapes and images to enhance your message
  • Photo rich place to share a story in your trade show booth or waiting room area 
  • Easy care and long lasting
  • Cheaper in the long run than rentals and YOU control the content rather than the rental company; who's not thinking about the application or the message.
  • Quick turn- you only need 1 unit. 
  • Apex and Fuquay-Varina Chamber members qualify for 10% discount off their purchase
  • You are only 1 step away from an exciting way to position your brand!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

New Location? Open House? Ways to Engage the Community

Municipalities provide valuable services to their residents and businesses, making education and outreach a key component to their community engagement. When information or regulations comes from people we know and trust it's easier the resident or business owner to embrace the change.

Sometimes it's the simple promotions that are the most effective. Whether it's informational door hangers for public works or paper picture frames for an educational event from a town department, there are a lot of ways municipalities can use promotional products to better connect with their residents and businesses about regulations and requirements.

For example, sharing information about issues with their water meters or the quality of well water, the municipality might insert information in the monthly utility mailers, send emails, put information on their website, share community texts and social media efforts. However grassroots campaigns not only put boots on the ground, but offer community engagement one-on-one by those effected.

In this example the water department for this municipality designed a custom door hanger. The design included contact information, spaces to fill in the customer account number, address, date, and time of visit, as well as check boxes to inform of any issues. The door hanger was printed in bright green to catch residents' attention. Advertising space could have been an option for a community partner such as a Chamber of Commerce for increased attendance for an event or merchant's association to drive foot traffic. 

In this case study, the communication between residents and the water department over issues like meter errors or payment problems were resolved quicker than when just letters were mailed out.

If you follow our blog, you know we frequently highlight national dates. In this case study, a city was celebrating National Public Works Week with events that included an open house where community members could meet and talk to public works employees. They hired a photographer to take pictures at the open house, but they weren't sure how to best get the photos home to the residents. The solution? An inexpensive, foil stamped paper picture frame. This would also have worked with photo frame magnetic or vinyl's; the punch out section could list upcoming events in the community, numbers for frequently needed services or to highlight additional weeks of engagement with town departments.

The frame included logos from the city and from a national public works association. Between the logos read "Public Works Open House" and "Celebrating National Public Works Week." What was the outcome?  Kids had a lot of fun at the event, and both kids and adults appreciated learning more about how their public works department serves their community. Public works employees were happy to educate residents at the event, and guests enjoyed taking home a framed photo as a reminder of the fun, informative event.

Frames are also a great way to save images from police officers handing out ice cream tickets to kids wearing bike helmets or photos of family with fire mascot or fire fighters that have checked their fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and car seats for properly functioning safety items.

Guess what else, paper, magnetic and vinyl items are almost always Made in USA and we have NC options too! 

Our post tomorrow will focus on how creative the space beneath your feet can be for branding!

Friday, June 28, 2019

All Tied Up- It's Knot What You Think!

When I was a kid going to the Angus Barn for dinner meant men needed a tie, social etiquette has become more casual. Earlier this week I was in an office for a huge corporation and everyone was in shorts! There is no doubt office attire has changed in the last decade. While casual feels good, wearing a tie is still a way to stand out in some settings. It's always a way to look professional and still show some personality. 

One of our NC partners, Buffalo Bay makes ties, bow ties and scarves with an entire line of solutions. The fun is to see how they weave, literally logos, text, color and other design elements into a quality piece for that special signature item to reflect your brand and show unity. 

One of our case studies with this partner was a tie we created for the Town of Fuquay-Varina could use for employees or as gifts! 

Since the town's motto is to be a dash more; it was important to use the dual triangle shapes in the final design.

Ready to create something memorable for your business or organization? 

Ties and scarves are perfect fundraiser or support for a cause- an item to wear in numerous settings!  

It's knot as hard as you think to get out of the box with branding!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sunny Days- Great for Creative Branding

Summer is in full swing! Driving home yesterday my Pandora shuffle landed on Summer Nights, from the Grease soundtrack.  What's more classic than sunglasses at the beach? Danny and Sandra Dee were likely strolling the boardwalk with a pair of sunglasses right? 

Today is National Sunglasses Day! 

There's no doubt retro items are hot- but like any great re-fresh, there are twists on the classics. Besides those icon shapes for glasses frames, contemporary choices allow us to easily add images to the lens, provide full color packaging of that wow factor and ease in distribution. Don't forget the accessories, make a statement with a kit. 


Build your own custom kit- here are some hot accessories to round out your kit:

Mini Speakers
Phone Wallets
Dry Pouch Bags
Sunglasses Straps with a hidden band
lotion- lip balm 
floating key tags
Cup holders for the sand
Phone Holders
Beach Tote
Sunglasses Straps
Cleaning Cloths for Lens
Sun Visor Clips
Glasses Holders

Sunglasses and outdoor products offer the perfect way to tie into messages of safety and protection. They are also universal fun and engagement for all ages and genders. 

Set up a time to come by the showroom to plan your next outdoor package; including some sunglasses! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate?

2-4-6-8...who does love a good cheer to rally the group? 

When I see pom poms, and hear a cheer I can't help but think of football. My oldest son played football from age 5 through college; they conference champs his senior year! ( not proud right? ) However we have had a running joke for years based on a Pop Warner cheer that went something like- "tick, tick, tick- boom Dynamite, tick, tick boom Dynamite". Our joke usually revives itself when an event will be less than exciting is about to occur or I am trying to rally excitement. 

July 4th brings out our national red, white and blue; American Pride.  

Made in America products are not hard to source for our clients and some of them include pom poms! 

What can you do with both American Made and imported products? 

A lot of spirit ideas for sports and schools. 

Take a look:

 Wouldn't you agree these solutions are tick, tick, tick DYNAMITE!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Homegrown Solutions Adding HIgh Impressions for Your Brand

Shop Local signs are easy to find and consumers often inquire, "What can I purchase that's made in North Carolina?" We have solutions, in fact with our features on Made in USA and homegrown solutions in our state, quality textile products from our partners at the Cross Canvas Company have been supplying solutions 1986.

Rather than sitting on a shelf to purchase, all of their products are made to order and manufactured in the USA, in their Asheville plant.

Their designs range from popular shapes in retail to totally custom. Engaging consumers with your brand, by providing quality products that recipients will want to use is simple. Custom work overseas often takes 3000 plus minimums and up to 12 weeks for delivery. Our local partner can offer quick turn around and low quantities, many starting at only 50-100 units.

If you are looking for USA themes- a Patriotic Line of Bags with Woven USA flag motif ribbon is the perfect solution.

Whenever we have visitors to the showroom, immediately their eye and hand is drawn to the quality of the samples we have from this line.

Accommodating your branding needs by offering a wide variety of color combinations for fabric, trim and leather accents; no problem. If you are looking for attention to detail, premium materials, not having to deal with stock issues and shopping local to provide jobs to workers in NC- this is a solution! 

There is a Full line of products featuring bags, duffels and totes, pouches, mouse pads and blankets made to order in North Carolina. Did I mention this is also a disabled veteran owned company? Yes!

Data junkies, don't forget the bags of all shapes and sizes are a high impression, low cost per impression product that influences consumers. #brandsmart

Monday, June 24, 2019

Here's Your Sign!

Did you miss me? 

I was out of town last week on vacation at North Myrtle Beach; our first time. Normally we vacation at one of the much quieter NC beaches. From a promotional standpoint the amount of signage advertising both entertainment and food was abundant to the eye. I saw everything from 50's style billboard signs to more contemporary styles. Signs for beverages decorated walls in restaurants,  signs with fun saying in the gift shops, directional and seasonal special signs designed to pull in impulse traffic were also numerous.

One of my favorite comedians, Bill Engvall, has a funny re-occurring joke about folks that deserve a sign for questions that shouldn't need an explanation. The problem is that signs do help us with directions, create a call to action, inform and educate; so there is a purpose. Since Bill's humor makes me laugh, I am making a correlation that signage can be both eye-catching, functional and fun!

Our recent blog posts focused on American Made items leading up to July 4th celebrations. Today I'd like to share some cool ways to brand, with some strategies for how to use these types of signs:

The full line catalog 
features more ideas to jump start your branding for personal -special occasions, retail , corporate, product awareness and  non profit recognition. Take a look at some options. 

Inspired? Custom yes! 
Can we help you design the perfect promotion with this type of material? Yes! 
USA options! Yes!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Connecting Your Brand with Travelers

One in five people anticipate traveling more for business this year than last year and nearly a quarter plan to take more leisure trips. It does not take a paid study to confirm that people are happier when they have more time to break the routine of work and get away.

      Getting away might be a road trip, camping, staying in a rural mountain cabin or taking in the surf and sand of our NC coastline. Whatever your definition of a get away there is a product to enhance your modern experience.  

Do you need to stay plugged into your data? Then you'd love this battery pack surge protector

If your idea of getting away is more adventuresome, you'd likely appreciate a way to capture all the adventure to share with your network of friends and family.

Even if you just plan to chill by the local pool- Patriot products are for you. 

      Whether you'd prefer the soft sided style to carry to the pool or you plan to fish for days on your boat, so you need ice to remain frozen for 5 days; this line has the answer. While you are enjoying leisure time, you can appreciate that 20% of the net proceeds of products in this line go back to veteran's housing


What's your favorite way to relax? 

Imagine how much your best referral partner or key account would love one of these products to use in their leisure time. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Brand Trips- 6 solutions to Brand Outdoor Adventures!

Warm weather is here and the right gear adds both comfort and convenience to the day. Social gathering are also the perfect way to insert your brand into discussion, with quality pieces others will notice!

Summer events, including:

  • 5Ks/Run-Walks
  • Company Picnics
  • Food, Music and Arts Festivals
  • Golf Outings
  • Alumni Get-Togethers

Take full advantage of the longer days of summer and reasons for your brand to get noticed- in fact, we can knock your outdoor promotions out of the park! Featured at our recent show, take a look at these solutions. 

1. Keep It Cool
The traditional basket is classic but a heavy-duty cooler is way more practical - especially when you're bringing food and beverages that need to be kept cool. The addition of backpack straps for comfort and convenience, makes outdoor activities a snap.

2. Be Prepared For Mother Nature
Summer showers can show up out of nowhere. If you're going to an outdoor event, throw a lightweight jacket, especially one that packs into its own pocket, into your bag. You'll be happy you did once Mother Nature stops cooperating

3. Have a Seat
Get comfortable. If you're picnicking or tailgating, you'll definitely want a nice place to sit. Make sure you have a seat that folds and is easy to carry. Watch for super-compact chairs that collapse into a small carrying bags/cases.

4. Cover Some Ground
Go big with an oversized blanket made with a durable material that can stand up to chairs, pets, coolers or anything else you might bring to a picnic or day at the beach.

Music makes the moment and offers some compelling stat's for use with consumers. Grab an ultra-portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker to get the party started with your brand, front and center!

Who wants to be outdoors with bugs?? We've got you covered! Ready to plan? Besides these ideas, we've put together ideas around pool, beach, camping, hiking, road trips and more......give us a call; we will send you some ideas. Make sure your brand is traveling the USA this summer. #roadtrip!