Friday, August 31, 2012

When is the best time to buy products?


What is the best times of the year to buy promotional products? Aren’t there always products on sale? Yes and no…of course there are always sales, suppliers like the merchant’s on radio, TV and print media have products to sell, but just like seasonal purchases and discounts there are times of the year that are better for purchasing items for your promotions.


Your promotional consultant should be advising you regarding posted discount dates for reoccurring purchases such as holiday cards, planners, calendars, and food products. Suppliers offer discounts to better prepare production and plan for inventory prior to the request of last minute shoppers.  


Are you a non profit or a school? There are also spike periods for printing tee shirts or stocking up for school store inventory. Working with your promotional consultant you will be able to identify trends, capitalize on specials and keep inventory and budget in check by planning ahead.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

4 Secret Ways to Maximizing Your Budget: Part #2

Proven ways to stretch your marketing dollars:

Collateral marketing or cooperative marketing can work to the advantage of co branders. Besides increasing your marketing budget with co branding, the value of your brand is increased. Think about it, by aligning your name with another business you are increasing awareness to their client base as well as growing your own.

Make sure during distributions you highlight your co brander’s strengthens as a company. By endorsing another company you are adding to the value of your own brand.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

4 Secret Ways to Maximizing Your Budget, 4 Part Series - Part #1

Part #1

Frequently we are told, "I don’t have a large budget for my marketing because I am just getting started, but I need what to feel like my choices bring revenue to my company."

While promotional items in independent research studies yield consistently higher results for brand retention, brand identification, goodwill towards company and converting prospects into buyers, no one marketing campaign will have a 100% guarantee.

What can you do to maximize your choices? Partnering with a reliable, proven, experienced professional will increase your success in creating a promotional campaign as a professional is trained to ask the right questions and consider the product variables to help you identify the best products for your promotion.

Ideas do get results when the creativity is based upon sound plan for all aspects of your upcoming marketing needs. For example we select times for our company that reflect our benefits and the value we provide our clients. The taglines applied to those products or the imagination used to kit those items showcases the points we are making with a strong visual impact.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Promotional Products Work

When new contacts say "oh you sell do dads or freebies" I politely point out that they are not leveraging the advantage, value, and benefits of promotional advertising until they understand how visual brand advertising works.

1- Given freely without obligation
          56% of recipients feel promotional products are an expression of gratitude
2- Your target audience receives long term exposure
          Promotional Branding is the lowest cost per impression on any form of advertising,
          except a billboard with the average cost at less than 1/2 cent or $0.004 per impression.
3- Your ad medium becomes your message
          58% keep a promotional item that is useful to them between 1-4 years
4- Items create  a memory hook
          94% of recipients can recall the name of a promotional item 2 years after receiving
5- Gifts build goodwill
          42% gained a more favorable impression of a company after receiving the gift