Friday, June 23, 2017

July Promotions to Consider

July 2017

National Park and Recreation Month

The U.S. has recognized National Park and Recreation Month since1985. This month is all about being outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

As the National Recreation and Park Association says, “Get Your Play On” with:

  • Lawn games
  • Outdoor chairs 
  • Seat cushions
  •  Umbrellas
  •  Hats
  • Water bottles 
  •  Coolers
  •  Noise makers

National Hot Dog Month

  •  Celebrate the most popular summer food with branded plates, tablecloths, aprons, and drink ware for company picnics or outdoor festivals.

National Ice Cream Day-July 16th

  • Serve some cool creamy ice cream at your office for your clients

    Special Olympics Anniversary July 20th

  • Branded apparel in team colors, drink ware, bags or even golf towels
    will make your next fundraising fun and add awareness long after the event is complete.  Whatever you do this July, make it fun! 

Real Style For Real People

A Futurist? An Artist? Wasn't Prince The Artist? Scroll down to the images posted earlier for an overview of new style trends that are migrating into today's corporate workplace. Borrowing from current style trends is as simple as finding elements you feel comfortable adding to your style. 

My oldest son recently got a new job in a larger corporate company, so both sets of grandparents immediately assumed he had to wear a suit. He tried to explain a corporate casual had replaced the need for a suit in his younger more contemporary workplace. Still confused they responded,  "Oh so you can wear what you want to wear?"

If you've ever watched an episode of "What Not to Wear" you know that there really are some limits to what you should select to wear at work!   Borrowing from current trends and pulling those elements into a comfortable yet trendy appearance is one of the many reasons our clients enjoy coming to play in the showrooms.

Break trends down to the basic components:

1- How is fabric changing? Besides the popular "color" for the year- consider function.
  • Look for construction that works well for your daily routine. 
    • Does it move/give with you?
    • Protect you from sun?
    • Wash and wear?
    • Resist snags?
    • Retain color and shape?
    • Keep you warm without bulk?
  • How does if feel? In recent years the push for soft hand tees and breathable fabrics have pushed our apparel suppliers to replace basics with popular retail driven fabrics and brands. 
  • Details-  Bringing in a fresh look to a corporate ready pull over might be as simple as adding an over stitch to the outside of the fleece. What's an over stitch? Check out the stitching on this pull over on the top of the fabric.
How can we help? 

  • Pop up shows at your location for larger groups to educate your workforce and allow them to feel and see new trends first hand with our team. 
  • Smaller groups or individuals prefer to visit our showroom location.
We can share quick tips via electronic resources showcasing new trends and virtual images of your logo on apparel. Once selections are made, manage your brand for color and style by having us build and maintain a company store for employees that reflects your needs. Ask your brand consultant how to refresh your brand for 2017.

A Futurist?

What't your style? The Artist?

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pre Program Your Ideal Consumer

Sales 101-Stay in front of your market without constantly "selling them something"- easy right? 

Selling is not as easy as opening a shop or starting an on line store. Consumers have to know your products or services exist. The consumer will likely compare what you offer with a competitor or ask for referrals from folks in their circles of contacts or read about you on line. 

So what are you offering that won't get ignored? 

Start by assessing how you are currently connecting with your market. What's working, what's not?

Driving business to your store front, your website or choosing to set up a meeting begins by intriguing the consumer. What are you offering that is different than your competitor?

Calendar Dates are a great way to content your products and service to your target market. Every watched Last Man Standing? Character Mike Baxter ends each show tapping his Vlog, weaving together a story of how his life always presents an opportunity to need an Outdoor Man product. He's selling, but he is sharing his personal experiences so the consumer connects and sales occur. 

Tell your stories on social media, through newsletters and video links. Connect the dots between calendar dates. Showcase what defines your business. How?

Rewards!  Who doesn't like free stuff? 

Coupons- Perhaps exclusive coupons for top customers?

Anniversary coupons or gifts- Bet you get special perks from your favorite stores and restaurants for your birthday or the day you signed up as a member?   

Collections- Do you offer products or services that offer the potential to layer additional purchases to form a complete package or set? Consider incentives to build those program sales.
Promotional items are perfect for turn key programs, using easily packaged perks slipped in a bag or shipped out with each order that your consumer will find helpful or intriguing. For example offering a sample of something that one can buy is a great way to get additional business.

Sales personnel "beating the bushes and hitting the pavement" will appreciate items that they can easily carry that make them a welcome face such as food or personal care products. Offer to bring in break room treats in a branded box, seasonal branded treats in fun shapes, refill your branded candy jars or your own branded hand sanitizer bottles.

Take a look at the environment around your ideal consumer, will a branded frame, calendar, coaster or desk survival kit enhance their workday? 

Promotional items that are useful provide the retention and recall that will build your brand. Want some facts to support that statement?