Thursday, January 31, 2019

Which Product Is Used By Consumers Of All Ages?

Earlier this week we shared some popular national calendar dates and highlighted some ways to use dates as part of your marketing plan. While our mobile devices have calendar options, there are many industries that count days. For example if you order a product from us with a 10 day production, that is 10 business days. We will be projecting ahead for the order entry and proof process, then the production and then the number of days shipping; counting days. You bet, we all have calendars within our view in the office. Industries like healthcare, real estate and manufacturing also rely on quick access to calendar dates. 

Let's break down the facts from ASI's new 2019 Global Impressions Study:
  • Calendars make very useful gifts; they help with scheduling and projecting dates. 
  • Calendars provide a year or more of interaction with your brand
  • Despite having a calendar on their phones and computers, 31% of Gen X'ers and Millennial's use their promotional calendar everyday.  
  • On average, a calendar generates 850 impressions during its lifetime. 
  • In the United States, 62% of consumers own a promotional calendar
  • 53% of consumers keep their calendar because of how useful it is to them. 
  • Calendars are also very cost efficient;  "penny-wise"

Our friends at Bic have a lot of unique calendar options- we've inserted a few here to consider.

Custom calendars are very popular; using custom pictures helps form relationships and build loyalty with a client or employee. People love to see their name in print!

Custom 12- Month Desk Tent

A chalkboard calendar allows for freedom of expression depending on your mood and encourages fun in the office. 

We can create local event calendars and have access to national sports team schedule calendars. Popular coupon calendars allow you to create a call to action each month for your consumer base.

Sports Schedules

Custom Coupon Calendar

Unique desk shapes like these stacking cubes offer fun word play businesses with messages such as- value add benefits, company's that offer shipping solutions in cartons and team building.

Touchpoint Magnetic Cube

Because calendars are printed on magnetic surfaces, vinyls, neoprene mouse pad surfaces, paper and fabric, the material is flexible offering the ability to easily customize to your needs. The choices are abundant! We have some popular styles for schools, real estate, manufacturing and healthcare in the office. Additionally, we have numerous case studies showing solutions we have generated for clients in many industries. Ready to plan an "ageless" promotion?

Source- ASI 2019 Global Impressions Study

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Save The Date- Identify Your Brand Fun!

Have you seen the viral video of a millennial job interview? In the interview the applicant talks about being an expert on "the big ones" in social media; laughing that Facebook is for old people. While Facebook might not be everyone's preferred social media platform, there are plenty of businesses using this type of media to attract and engage their target market.

Experts in social media suggest you engage your audience with images, videos and clever posts that make your followers want to comment, share and "like" the content on your preferred platforms. Unless you can pay for a content specialist, your probably either doing your own social media yourself or delegating that task to someone in the office.  Is that person "saving the date"- identifying place holders in the calendar for national dates that reflect your brand story?

Using a national dates calendar provides you a ready source of information and framework to craft a yearly plan for your business. Additionally, national dates offer employers ways to generate office fun! 

During 2018 we gave our national dates calendars and the reaction was always the same; immediate giggles and excitement as recipients flipped through dates and found amusing dates. For example, Peanut Butter Day- Jan 24, imagine a peanut butter recipe contest in the break room. Besides voting the best recipe, include everyone in the fun with a breakfast box that has peanut butter treats! 

For 2019 we selected dates each month that work for many industries to serve as a quick guide for incorporating a promotional calendar into your marketing campaign. Keep following our blog for ways to connect your brand and your message with national calendar dates! 

 What national dates reflect your brand? Try adding a few to your marketing plan this year and track the results. Do you need some help identifying dates and how to incorporate those into your plan? Besides the dates featured on our website, we have saved national dates by industry to jump start your planning process. Ready to save a date?

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Puzzled About Lead Generation?

Happy National Puzzle Day!

Puzzles are a great way to exercise our minds and keep us learning.  There are many types of puzzles, including the traditional jigsaw with a twist, crosswords, Sudoku, even trivia is considered a puzzle!  Does your company provide solutions that your target market needs to know can solve their challenges? "Owning" the desk space for 12 months of continuous engagement with a calendar puzzle is not only functional, but showcases your brand message!

Does your best referral partner have a waiting room?  Puzzles are a great way to help pass the time and branded puzzle books are a smart way to insert your brand into a referral partner's waiting room; offer to co-brand your logo with theirs and divide the cost! 

Does your bar or restaurant have a trivia night?  Give away coasters to the local office buildings around your business with a trivia question on the coaster or a QR code to a discount to redeem a coupon for trivia night.The full color surface allows our graphic team to design something unique for your next campaign. Trying to promote an event in your area? We suggested low cost pulp board coasters with a full color imprint on both sides to hand out to attendees at PeakFest months ahead of the newer festival, reminding folks to save the date!
Lead generation is about connecting your message to your target market. The medium you use to tell your story is "our craft", we offer many ways to design a creative campaign. Next time you are puzzled, a trip to our showroom to collaborate will make all the pieces of your next marketing campaign come together.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Intimated By The Blank Page?

Back in the late 80's I was a college graduate with an art degree and a teaching certificate. My career as an art teacher started at the high school level. Since I always approached a blank page as an opportunity, it was fascinating to me to watch some students stare at a page. For some, the blank page represented too much choice and they would sit frozen, afraid they'd "mess up" before even starting to draw. 
I'd often break up the fear of failure by asking if they'd like me to get started drawing on their page; "sure" they were always happy to relinquish their pencil. Their excitement quickly turned to a quizzical look when I'd lightly draw an X on the middle of the page, hand them back their pencil and say, "there, you don't have to worry you will mess up the paper, I just did it for you! Erase the X and get busy drawing." While that might seem harsh to some, it was meant to remind students that drawing with a pencil is not permanent, have some imagination and explore your options. 

One of the coolest aspects of our industry is how decoration can change the appearance of an item. In an earlier post this week, I shared an image of full color mountain scene on a tumbler and as well as the same tumbler with a one color logo; completely different results. Popular low cost items that sit on our desk like a coaster or travel with us in purses, pocket and backpacks like a microfiber cleaning cloth are a blank page. What can you do with the surface?

  • Outline all your convention stops
  • Share dates you will be doing seminars in the area
  • Provide wellness tips
  • Highlight challenges your business service solves
  • Send an image of your customer service team and provide their contact information
  • Include a QR code with a question to get recipients to watch a video about your business
  • Provide a map to your new business address
  • Share images of your community engagement
  • Remind employees about your company's core values 
 Here's a cloth we did for the town of Apex a while back; highlighting all of the trucks that perform valuable services for residents and businesses in the area. These were distributed at PeakFest
Sharing your story and connecting consumers to that story does not have to be expensive or difficult; it merely requires an ability to see the potential on a white surface as opportunity!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Are You A Germ Killer Or A Germ Spreader?

It is that time of year again: colder weather and sniffy noses.  Winter is here, which means cold and flu season.  Are you taking the proper precautions to keep yourself and others around you healthy? Using hand sanitizer is one way to promote good health. Our friends at The Lip Balm Company have some exciting new products for 2019: 

Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer Spray- Petite and practical, this sophisticated hand sanitizer spray is infused with an essential oil to create a sense of aromatherapy while reducing germ development. Its attractive appearance and easy application are sought-after characteristics for hand sanitizer that will get customers wanting to apply it day in and day out.

Hand Sanitizer Spray with Clip Cap- Convenience makes it much easier to maintain healthy habits, and that’s exactly what this product does. Its clip cap allows recipients to attach it to a purse or bag, providing access to hand sanitizer spray that fights unhealthy germs with its 62% ethyl alcohol content. It’s designed to offer great opportunity for brand impact as customers keep it with them on the go.

Mini Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray - People are going to love using this mini hand sanitizer spray! Its attractive size and shape makes it ideal for fitting into small spaces, and its fantastic scent is sure to be remembered. Give people an item they’ll reach for again and again — especially because its easy application and 62% alcohol content makes it an effective defense against sickness-causing germs. 

Mini Square Hand Sanitizer- Cute and compact, this hand sanitizer offering will be a hit among recipients. Its size is great for small pockets, and its 60% ethanol content packs a punch when it comes to effectiveness. Its germ-fighting formula also includes aloe vera to provide softness upon application while making a positive brand impression.

1 oz. Hand Sanitizer Tottle- Perfect for fitting into the palm of your hand, this hand sanitizer product is made with 60% alcohol and aloe vera to provide an effective yet gentle defense against unwanted germs. Its caribineer makes it even more accessible for regular use, and the custom label will be clearly visible to recipients with every application. 

2 oz. Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottle- Slender and easy to hold, our hand sanitizer gel in a two-ounce bottle makes it simple to create a lasting impact. The aloe vera in its formula helps maintain moisture to avoid drying out the skin, and its 60% ethanol makes it a practical solution for preventing bacterial development. With a full-color label, it will make any brand look great. 

Looking for some deals to go with these great products? Check out this link to some first quarter specials to connect your brand to protection and wellness themes.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

What's In Your Bottle?

If you have a copper insulated tumbler or water bottle, aka Yeti or Swell Style, you know it's great for every beverage from coffee to tea to water or even an adult beverage! I'm not here to judge your choice of beverage or it's container, but to point out that the ability to keep your beverages either hot or cold provide ways to highlight the consistency and dependability of your brand. The ability to provide weave your message into the routine of your ideal prospect's life is a game changer for your brand. Branded advertising works because it resonates with the recipient and the recall of the advertiser is impressive.

While travel tumblers, water bottles and ceramic mugs are not new concepts, innovative designs and eye-popping decoration do offer something "new" in the marketplace. At an industry show this past week we found some cool new ways to decorate. Take this tumbler for instance, the full color wrap of mountain scene is pretty impressive right? How about when the same tumbler is in silver with a one color imprint? The texture at the base adds some visual interest, but without the graphic the wow disappears. What's my point? Our rep put it best, "the result is only as impressive as your art file!" A full color wrap imprint like this mountain scene offer the unique ability to capture many different types of images and message such as:

  • An image of your company's team- say hello and thank you from the team to your customer!
  • An image of the destination of your next conference, inviting you to attend or thanking you for registering.
  • An image of your company's new building, new logo, a map to get you from the old location to the new one.
  • Internally, what about wellness tips, reusing rather than using paper or your company's core values; maybe even a reminder to smile to "THAT" difficult customer or co-worker.

From mixed-materials, to retail-style packaging- we feature 3  new drinkware designs and innovations from the Leed's line.

1. Mixed Materials-By adding cork, bamboo and silicone elements to tumblers sport bottles, we're creating pieces that demand attention and elevate brands. It's the little-unexpected details that create something special.
Kai Glass Bottle 18oz

2. Retail Packaging; Gift Sets- New retail packaging options and gift sets offer more than a way to recognize a special occasion or important relationship – they’re also an opportunity to showcase your brand in a whole new way.
3. Dual-Function: Technology Meets Drinkware-What about a water bottle with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, how about wireless earbuds? Dreams come true - these innovative new pieces have the wow-factor to impress and set a brand apart from the pack.
Ozzy Light Up Logo BPA Free Audio Bottle 25 0z
Are you interested in investing in others? If your company has strong ties to veteran issues or USA products, the Patriot series might be perfect for you. This line of Patriot brand products offers top quality performance and donates 20% of the net profit of their products back to veteran housing!
Our ability to offer in house graphics provides you the opportunity to have your next drinkware inspired promotion to have a bit more flair. Our showroom allows you to compare different styles side by side so purchase the right product for that promotion. Our certified difference helps you develop your purchase into a marketing campaign.  "Bottoms Up"- we are ready to get your brand in the hands of your target market.