Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Are USA made products important to consumers?

How important is purchasing USA made products to consumers? 

According to Perception Research Services International, 4 out of 5 consumers noticed Made in USA labels on packaging. Seeing the USA made label reports an impressive response, making consumers three   quarters more likely to purchase that product over a non USA made product. Additionally, 78% of those making purchases for USA made goods will still make the purchase even if the products cost as much as 10% more.  

How do these statistics cross over into the promotional realm? 

As a distributor, unfortunately price often becomes more important than USA made goods. 

How can consumers help to change promotional marketing? Ask for USA made products. Acknowledge and purchase from businesses that maintain a  consistent pledge to purchase USA made goods.   

How can USA made products help grow business? Educate your customer base that your products are USA made and incorporate your company’s commitment to USA made products into your marketing collateral. 

What are 5 reasons to buy American?

1- Production time– Rapid delivery for custom development is not an issue. 

2- Representing core values of your customer base– Brand association for industries and organizations operating in areas such as political, governmental, automotive, military, union, university or privately held company’s seeking to increase value in those partnerships. 

3- Strict safety standards

4- Reliable and available inventory

5- Fair treatment & compensation of labor

What does the label really mean? 

Did you know that imported products must identify the country where products were manufactured? Increasingly point of origin branding is on the actual products, rather than packaging. Products entirely made in the USA must denote made in USA. Many products use the certified Made in USA emblem registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. In 2008 USA Certification Inc became he leading independent source for Made in USA certification. Companies with the USA-C seal have adhered to a rigorous supply chain.