Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Strong Graphics Make An Impact- 24,960!

While not everyone is a visual learner, a hot trend in marketing is an infographic. You've probably noticed we've been inserting them frequently into our blog posts and educational materials. Images tell stories quickly and we remember images. Images also make it easier to share a lot of content - less words, strong impact.

You've followed the blog, you've visited the team in our showroom and compared your options for products. What's next? Now it's time to create the graphics!!!

Like an infographic, our expert team is working with you to create a graphic that will appeal to your audience, convey your content and add some flair!  

Many of clients have a general idea of what they want to include-such as words, themes and images; however placing those elements still takes a trained eye. Often we are starting with establishing font preferences, design elements and adhering to your branding specifications. Basically our graphics team works to ask questions and provide visuals to figuring out what our clients find appealing, "pretty" . We need to determine what will convey their message and create a unified outcome.

Fortunately we've been offering in house graphic design for 12 years! 

If you consider there is an average of 2080 hours in work year, then multiply that number by 12= that is 24, 960 hours to experience at work for you!! Wow- take in that number.

# knowledge 

Take a look a some recent projects that benefited  from our expert touch. There's an interactive dragon fly display and a back drop for TDIF's recent panel discussion sporting a new logo we designed! Did I mention these products will be featured at our show along with many new ones! Need some budget friendly options? Check out our quarterly specials.  

New products include light up options- now that's a bright idea! Signed up for the 22nd? Register!


Monday, April 29, 2019

How To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

You've been to the showroom and selected the products you want for your branding campaign, but do they work with your imprint area? 

Many clients may want to include their logo as well as other content on their products. However, many imprints have very limited space. It’s important that the content be readable and have no printing issues. We have several tips that are important to remember when branding on the website.

At Promotional Partners, we have the experience to know which things will and will not work in certain imprint areas. We will guide you through the art process and suggest a few imprint options to best utilize the imprint area. Adding this service, saves time once the order is placed, because the proof process with the supplier is seamless; a double check that the order is ready to print. 

Below is an image of an actual proof based on a virtual image we provided for Apex Cabinet Company. We advise our clients that a small imprint area has a stronger impact when your name is bold as with BF Designs. Normally we advise that adding phone numbers, websites and taglines often take a way from the imprint area.

 Working through the design work is a great reason to take advantage of our in house design services!

You know I am a rule breaker; so I ignored our advise and added a tagline, BUT selected pens with a large imprint area and it just seemed the WRITE choice to make! Besides, pens are one of the highest impression items you can select, making them a right choice in branding.

Join us on the 22nd and you will be able to the select the right pen for you!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Stitching Together Your Brand Story

Yesterday I shared images from our NC partner, Suntex who's been an innovative partner for many of our partners! When our clients want to insert their message into the fabric of their target market's day; well, the pun's intended- textiles are a great solution. 

Wearable items like caps, gloves and socks keep us comfortable. Similarly towels and blankets make functional gifts. Looking for proof?

How about these stories:

1- The YMCA has jumped in feet first with socks to acknowledge donors and texting gloves for youth volunteers as gifts. We've done fuzzy feet for senior living centers, contractors and healthcare practices seeking a unique gift to connect their brand to comfort.

2. Zipper pulls were added to town apparel for "a dash more" when it's not an option to stand out from your competition. Need to instantly become part of a celebration? Stock shapes and custom are the perfect solution.  Patches are a great way to remember the experience.

Fleece items like beanies, scarves and headbands make nice employee gifts.
 3. Headwear, well caps turn heads and get noticed. Caps, headbands and beanies are unisex and size less. We can wear items our head daily which translates into high impressions. Students at Apex Friendship High School sported these headbands at the annual Apex Rotary Christmas Parade to show unity as a group.
 4. Hands Down- texting gloves and hide a band products are perfect for numerous recipients. In the winter, not having to remove your gloves to use your smart device makes touch finger gloves a prime branding space. In the spring and summer the ability to insert your license, a key or a special message from a loved one, into a hidden pocket of your wristband make a hide a band the perfect solution.

 5. Can Wraps- We've done fun wraps like the ones for Anna's. We'd love to say we'd been fins to the left and fins to the right, but that one's a sample!

 6. Towels! One can't go wrong with a towel promotion. Golf towels like these done for the Apex Police Department's annual tournament for Special Olympics are sure to be a hit with recipients. After-all, how many kids dream of growing up and being able to carry a badge?
 7. Identification- Is important for organizations working in the field, making sure individuals know who is there to assist like these caps for Curamerica's Global.
8. We've already touched on the fun of collecting patches. We've done Scouting patches, Martial Arts patches and Community Police patches.

9. Oversized bag tags are a great way to ID luggage. We have done tags for luggage, convention ID badges, golf bags and while we haven't done it yet, we love the idea of highlighting your blood donor type.

If you are not inspired yet, there is still time!

Interest in these types of products?  watch product videos
Most importantly, set up a time to discuss ideas in the showroom and register to attend our show on the 22nd of May- stitching your message into the fabric of your vertical markets just got easier with this line! 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Making Memories

When my youngest son was a child, he loved to collect patches. We'd visit a gift shop on vacation and pick up a patch, those patches were sewn on a huge pillow on his bed. Each patch reminded him of a memory. One of our favorite suppliers is homegrown- here in North Carolina! Innovative textile products, including patches! Their product line is meant to be worn, seen and experienced. What does this mean for your brand? A unique full color canvas for your brand story. 

Need something quick? Instant patch is perfect for your needs- really, watch!

What else?  

Need to see more? Join us for our May 22nd event! 

Look for tips on how to make these products part of your next campaign.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Effects of Chemical Sunscreens on our Coral Reefs

The warmer weather this week makes me optimistic that summer is approaching. Summer makes many of us long to put our toes in the sand and spend long days at the beach, but what do you need to know about sunscreen before you purchase? Earth Day put a focus on the health of our planet and sunscreen has an impact on our ocean's health. Our partners at The Lip Balm Company shared these ocean safe tips.

Recent studies have found that sunscreen chemicals in many popular sun care products actually hurt corals. In fact, over the past three years, one-fifth of the world’s coral reefs have died off. Sunscreen is playing a roll and the main chemical culprits are oxybenzone and octinoxate, which convert sunburn-causing UV rays into harmless heat on human skin. Once these chemicals are in the water, they actually decrease corals’ defenses against bleaching, damaging their DNA and hurting their development.

To protect Hawaii’s precious coral ecosystems, the state’s lawmakers passed a bill in May 2018 that prohibits the sale and distribution of sunscreen containing oxybenzone and octinoxate. Even if you aren’t on the beach in Hawaii, you can still make a difference. By putting our awareness into action, we can make different choices that lessen our impact on the ocean.

1. You’ve taken the first step – becoming informed
2. Choose mineral sunscreens, especially lotions with non-nano  particles
3. Look for reef safe sunscreens, that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide
4. Look for broad-spectrum products, so you gain protection from both UVA and UVB rays
5. Avoid aerosol sunscreen
6. If you can, apply less personal care products before you go swimming

Our partners at The Lip Balm Company are doing their part by offering an entire line of mineral sunscreen products that are all reef safe. The main ingredient in our mineral sunscreen is zinc oxide that offers broad-spectrum coverage, reflecting UVA and UVB rays. Take time to care for the ocean while you enjoy carefree time on the beach and in the ocean by using our reef safe mineral sunscreens.Guess what? These products are on sale!