Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks for such a great turn out this morning for the am networking. Couldn't make it? You missed great food, networking and ideas to grow your business. Stop by when you're in downtown to play in our showroom. Branding is all about the "chatter" it creates; playing with ideas will spark the imagination and creativity you need to make an impression with your brand. Did you know that Promotional Products Cost Less, Achieve More, Accomplish Goals, Build Goodwill and Create Market Share?

In the US the cost per impression of a production product is half a cent! $0.005; which is equal to a BOGO deal for advertising!

More costly advertising vehicles such as TV, radio and print publications reach huge numbers of people, but are they reaching your demographic?

How long will your advertisement circulate in front of the demographic you desire?

83% of recipient can remember the advertiser on promotional products they received

A correctly placed item will yield multiple impressions a day. For example a pen has at least 10 impressions on average per day, 437 per month.

60% of respondents indicated that they have done business with an advertiser AFTER receiving an item; creating a change in behavior! Is your current advertising campaign affecting that type of call to action?

Recipients like “free” products and those products are changing opinions. 41% of respondents have a MORE favorable opinion of an advertiser after receiving a promotional product.

Unlike print ads with a limited life cycle before becoming compost or an art project, 62% of respondents see the value in giving away a product to someone else to use if they are able to use it themselves. Think about it, how long will you use a plastic grab bag versus a non woven, canvas or nylon tote? A branded tote with average of 1,078 impressions per month, bags more profits.

64% of recipients have a more favorable view of a company AFTER receiving a “gift”.

Let us help you grow your sales, your profits and your brand awareness with our expert and creative knowledge for how to properly apply a brand that will make an impression one brand at a time.