Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Every Step Leads Towards You!

Wouldn't it be nice to literally drive individuals to the doorstep of your business, your trade show booth or your festival fundraiser? 

It's easy with temporary floor graphics! 

These foot graphics come in sets of 10 and each set can be different! These feet can be applied to hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and carpet- we have documentation for your venue space!  

Outdoors or high traffic areas, we have a different product that can also be made into stock shapes and custom shapes. 

Make your space your own! From floor to ceiling, even cubicle spaces we have solutions! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Instant Images- poof!

When I was a kid, I loved I Dream of Jeannie; the idea that a wink or a nod could instantly produce change seemed fun. Frequently we receive a frantic call some a client with a last minute branding challenge. It's great when we can suggest a solution to fit everyone- INSTANTLY! No sizing required and a low cost solution, just like Jeannie!

At our recent showcase, one of the hits came from our friends at Suntex who featured numerous ways to connect with individuals from work to leisure, but a top pic was instant image.

Easy as 1-2-3!

What can you do with Instant images?

  • Do you have a collection of images to feature?
  • Maybe you need to brand volunteers for the day, but won't have the final list too late to order tee shirts or polo shirts?  
  • A group on tour or needing a pass to enter?
  • Will call pass?
  • Alumni identification?
  • Personalize names for event?  Yes
  • Unique shapes- not a problem!
  • Donors?
  • Sponsors? add it to a card
  • Stock shapes- including flags! Additional stock flag items? yes! 
A few videos to capture the many applications- you know I enjoy a pun!  
How does this type of patch work?

Digital that looks like it's stitched?  

Anyway you look at it- a QUICK FIX!  

Partner with us for quick solutions! Yes, we have samples in our showroom. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Part 2- Secrets Behind Team Success

Teamwork- how many times that word required in my lifetime? Many! It's not a new word or concept; individuals have been picking teams from red rover to baseball for years. Group projects in an education environment are also not a new concept. I will be the first to admit I hated group work in school; teachers assigned teams and there was always a weak link. However, the word team seems to have reached an elevated status in the workplace. 

In the modern office environment teamwork is often defined as 2 or more people tasked with a common goal; brainstorming ideas. By collaborating on the shared task, solutions are provided from collective input from the team.  Collaboration is one of our core words, because it's a key ingredient to campaign success. 

My oldest son played football in college. He once stated that his team was only as strong as the weakest link. He'd seen that by assisting the player he liked the least, a glory hog, the ball advanced. Helping him be properly positioned on a play, created the potential for success in the moment and offered then future opportunities to score. 

In order for a team to be effective collaborating there must be a blend of talents and perspectives, as well as trust and respect among the team members. If individuals don't feel valued for their contribution, then why contribute? Dominant personalities will always make sure their input is heard, while more introverted members of the team may need to be asked to share. 

When your office has only 4 people, the ship either rows together or it sinks together. One of the many things Keith and I enjoy about owning our own business is the ability to pivot anytime. If a process needs tweaking, there is no need for numerous meetings or memos- we talk as a group and implement a new strategy.

While each member of our team has titled roles and individual space to work, picking up the client's needs along the processing journey is a little like successfully passing the baton in a relay. The more we know the timing and rhythm of our teammate, the better equipped we are to  execute a task once it's handed off in the process. We all have our strengthens and weakness as individuals. Working together effectively as a team requires we pick up or slow down our pace to make sure we have smooth transitions. A smooth hand-off also requires repetition and communication; a rhythm that develops over time. 

Communication is key- 
  • Establishing, where are we in the process?
  • What do we need to know before interacting with our client?
  • Do we have the details needed for a quote or the right files mock up the order?  
  • Have we appropriately shared the options and assessed the timeline for an upcoming campaign? 
  • Do we know what's critical from the supplier before placing an order? 
  • When should we check on the status of an order in the production process?
Who's our internal crew?

Me- I am usually your initial face to the business. I love generating new ideas and considering ALL the options; after-all there is talking and creativity involved. If I even look at technology, it malfunctions; it's a gift. By the way, I love fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits.

Keith- understands safety like no one else on the team, he takes care of all of the non- glamorous sides of the business which are critical tasks, including: special deliveries, trash patrol, accounting and compliance.  He usually partners with Miranda to try to figure out what I've done to my computer! He loves Mediterranean food. 

Miranda- hates fried chicken and bacon, but loves Taco Bell and ice cream! Her fingers are super fast on a computer; whether a search, a quote or creating art. She is always game for a work-walk and she is great with math; lucky for me. 

Sara- tends to like citrus flavors, loves plants and nature- both animals and the great outdoors. She's the quieter one of our bunch at work. She's always on time and is the queen of spreadsheets and our web stores- a master with all those fine details.

Our team rows together! We share ideas, we learn from one another, we support each other and our teamwork helps our clients receive the best result.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lickity Split Just Got Better!

I read a quote in the Triangle Business Journal this week from Ted Abernathy, managing partner of Economic Leadership, an economic strategy company. As part of a panel with the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Ted's comments were around the increasing expectation for pace in business. Abernathy said, " Remember when next week was OK? We want it now. Not five minutes from now, but NOW."

Business services in numerous industries offer services ranging from instant, to 1 hour, same day, next day; there is no lack of express options. In our last post we covered how we prepare our clients for a positive result when they have a rush, but we did not delve into selecting quality partners.  

What's better than fast? Quality + Plus Fast= HAPPINESS! 

For our showcase tomorrow- we will feature both award winning product designs and suppliers with quick turn options; when you want it NOW!

The Bergamo Softshell Jacket has a refined look that's ideal for a corporate setting. The three layer, bonded fabric, waterproof membrane and critical seam sealing keep you dry and comfortable when the weather won't cooperate. This jacket also has an innovative new sleeve closure, a roll away hood, articulated elbows and ergonomic sleeves for ease of movement.

The Coast Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charging Pad is a must have for any desktop! When the Bluetooth Speaker is plugged in with the provided Micro USB cable the top part of the speaker functions as a wireless charging pad. It can charge any device that can be charged through wireless charging. 
Full color image gloves- spirit, runs, walks, appreciation- plus new products many made in USA- from NC company! Yes, they offer rush services too!

Award-winning NC Made Journals in 24 hour production with 1 day ground ship delivery? Yes!

Award-winning visual communications!

Yes- some products in the line can be produced in 24 hours!

While you might be in a panic during a rush; we are seasoned pro's at quick-turn. We are calm in the storm, with solutions. We know how to utilize every minute to make your needs happen! See you tomorrow for award-wining ideas!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Part 1- Behind the Scenes

What are examples of the devil in the details?

A client wanted to re-order an umbrella, the style previously purchased was no longer an option. We showed them a couple choices, instead they selected an umbrella from one of the supplier sites we'd shared; we advised them to look back at our suggestions. Why? This client needs to print in PMS match colors and multi-color imprint for adhering to their brand guide. By switching them to the umbrella we suggested we were able to save them over $300.00 on the order. Removing PMS match charges, multiple set up fees, run charges per color; plus the name brand piece was a lower unit cost.

It happens around 25% of the time, an order needs to be processed with our Partners Quick Turn Service. A client needs shirts embroidered by next Friday, but they also wanted to see samples first. Because we have a showroom, we did not need to order samples, instead we delivered a couple choices to them on Friday to compare and select for order processing on Monday. Additionally we pro-actively shared the digitized file with the decorator to make sure no edits would be required; making this process seamless and quick. Once the order is placed Monday, the shirts will arrive on Thursday, just in time to look sharp for a group event on Friday.

ART! By offering our clients expert and experience design services, we save time and produce better results. On of our local school partners will be partnering with us for floor mats at entrances for safety, signage to direct students and parents towards upcoming events as well as school procedures. Many of our clients think the want their products designed one way, but once they see choices they realize they want something completely different. By having Miranda and Sara work through design work BEFORE placing orders, we can save them time and money. How? Supplier proofs are a double-check. The proof from the supplier is meant to check that the file is correct and it's loading correctly for imprinting; it's not the time to edit the art file. Why? Our supplier partners process 1,000's of orders a day. When edits at the proofing stage are required there are usually fees for those changes and it adds to the production time line, which means orders may not arrive when needed because the supplier is not able to put the order into the production queue.

This weekend is the Got to be NC Festival and Burke Brothers Hardware has a booth to promote their store, located across from the Raleigh Fairgrounds, as your source and expert team for "everything". In fact they say, "If you can't find it at Burke's, it doesn't exist". While the tent design seems simple and the product straight-forward, we were able to compare tent options and accessories between suppliers. Miranda was able to show the owners several design choices before going into production. The result was a tent that "pops" outside.

More stories? A few are on our website, however our team has loads more stories woven into blog posts, white paper education materials and testimonials. Details Matter!

We are Raleigh's local and independent hardware store. Family owned & operated since 1936, Burke Brothers has been featured in Southern Living Magazine & Our State Magazine as one of the best hardware stores of North Carolina.  

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Devil's In The Details

I'm with my youngest son, he felt knowledge should have a practical application. In elementary school he was often frustrated by the requirement to learn things he deemed useless- like the name of clouds. He said, "I am not going to be a weatherman, so why do I need to know the difference between stratus and cumulus clouds; can't I just say puffy and long skinny clouds?" Parents often find when they don't know how to respond, responses come from their roots. I started to reply something my dad would say, "learning things you think you don't think you need to know builds a foundation for higher learning or don't discount knowledge you think is irrelevant, it's relevance will come up later". In that moment I remembered those statements were shared when I was failing algebra; I still hate algebra. Instead I told my son, "I agree."

Don't misunderstand, there is a value to learning. Mastering easier concepts before moving to more challenging material is necessary. However, I don't think I need to be an expert at everything; like my youngest child only what's relevant to my world of challenges.

I choose to save my brain for things that matter! What matters in my world?

I've always had a gift for recalling where and when I purchased items or who gave it to me- clothing, things around the house. In fact, I can tell you how much I paid for the item too. As a kid I learned if my mom and I were on the hunt for an item, like your iPhone, I stored images and prices from store to store in my head. Is it really amazing that for the past 12 years I've enjoyed researching and comparing product options? It's not uncommon when we are tasked with finding an item that is not a regular request for Miranda to ask me, "who have we seen at shows you think we should check?". While she and Sara have great recall too, I generally am the one that remembers odd details, responding with, "yeah don't you remembers the booth in the back corner of that show 4 years ago, let's check that line; I've got a list." ( Another weird quirk, I save our paper line lists, even the expired ones- still great resources!)

How is this blog post relevant to you? 

  • An e-commerce partner lists post all their products offered on their site. 
  • You select items, compare options based on descriptions, look for e-calculators to get estimates, load your cart, upload your logo, enter a credit card and make a purchase. 
  • Some sites are more sophisticated offer live chat buttons for customer services; but the result is the same- purchase what we have decided to show you; hopefully your art file works. 
 ____________Why do we choose to be different?
  • We choose not to be e-commerce 
  • Our clients have been re-educated to know that a huge value we offer is our ability to navigate your choices, make sure your art will work for the imprint, stock is available, there are no hidden costs, production and shipping time will meet your in hands date, products are safety compliant and quality matches your expectation based on the e-image
  • Assurance- we partner with suppliers that like us care about your outcome, your satisfaction.
  • Sure, we have a website store, but often it does not have the best match for what you are seeking or it may not feature a product you are seeking because it's a "window" into offerings
  • The suppliers featured on our site are a narrow window to what we offer, which cannot include custom; it's custom. There are West Coast, East Coast, Overseas-Direct, American Made, HUB suppliers, Union Made, Eco- Manufacturers....the list is long for ways to match objectives.
  • Besides- "the devil is in the details"......knowing how to avoid pitfalls takes experience. 

Follow the upcoming posts through the coming week to learn the value of what happens behind the scenes for you!

Friday, May 17, 2019

A Smart Marketer’s Secret Weapon

As Promotional Products WORK! Week draws to a close I have a few final notes.

Did you know promotional products are one of the oldest forms of advertising? In fact, the first known use of promotional items in the U.S. dates all the way back to George Washington’s presidential election in 1789. Fast-forward to more than 200 years later and what was once considered the most simplistic of marketing tools has become the industry’s most versatile form of advertising — which is ultimately where its power lies.

Many advertisers understand that promotional products are essential to building brand loyalty and awareness, with 65 percent citing promotional products as highly effective in reaching consumers and contributing to brand recall, according to a study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). This week my posts have focused on the staying power and industry research that proves the  influence tangibles have as an effective advertising medium. We've focused on the why behind the products- leveraging the greatest reach, drive recall and resonate to engage the best reaction among consumers, relative to any other advertising vehicle.

Our clients know the power behind the why- they see their branding dollars cultivating positive reactions, consumers keeping their branded gifts and warmth in starting business relationships with a response of “thank you” when received by target consumers.

While it is the oldest form of advertising, the promotional products industry has also proven to be the most fluid and the most meaningful. For example, take Starbucks’ recent U.S. Sign Language store opening. The coffee shop took elements of its store design, their offerings and reinvented them to be more effective for those who are deaf. This included special green aprons featuring "Starbucks" spelled out with ASL finger-spelling imagery and "I Sign" pins to designate employees who know ASL. This approach to promotional products combined with purpose strengthened the overall impact of the launch in a way that no other form of advertising could TOUCH.

New technologies regularly being integrated into promotional marketing strategies making this a pivotal time for our industry. Our anniversary showcase next week was designed to provide our client base the tools they need to stay on top of trends that are adapting and progressing with consumers’ changing lifestyles, interests and purchasing behaviors.

What’s next? Our team pumps up the value of our industry as an advertising medium, but it also fits our profile. This advertising medium is inherently practicality and flexibility, without boundaries and continues to evolve along with the modern-day consumer; just like our dedicated team. Follow our next series of stories and we go further behind the scenes to the extra value provided by our team for you!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Numbers Don't Lie

The Carolina Hurricane's hockey team is trying to hang on in the series to continue in the play offs. In sports the audience can see your performance, while the game might be entertaining to watch, ask any avid fan it's the final score that makes the difference; numbers don't lie. Either you won or you lost.

Check out these stat's:

79% of buyers use promotional products in standalone campaigns.
83% of consumers are more likely to do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product.  88% of the next gen looked up the company after receiving a promotional product.
89% of consumers have received a promotional product in the last six months.
9 in 10 consumers recall the branding on a promotional product.
8 in 10 consumers recall the messaging.
88% of the next gen had a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a promotional product.
82% of consumers own 1-10 promotional products.
81% keep promotional products for more than a year.
78% keep promotional products in their home.
55% of next gen keep promotional products on or with them.

What good are impressive numbers if you don't know where to apply them? 

I heard a news report recently discussing how early fans set up to tailgate for a game.

For many fans, tailgating before the game is just as important as the action on the field. A University of Minnesota study recently confirmed this when it found that 1 in 5 fans tailgate before the game. For a serious tailgater, the food, beverages and atmosphere have to be just right. To make the most of your pre-game party, our partner at PCNA highlighted five essentials that every respectable tailgater needs to make this a winning season.

1. Get Comfortable
If you're arriving at the stadium 4 hours before the game, it's going to be a long day so you'll want to conserve your energy. Sturdy, compact and comfortable seating is an absolute must for any serious tailgater. Folding chairs that pack into a carrying bag are ideal for easy transportation, set up and pack up. Look for handy features such as cup holders or a detachable canopy.

2. Equip Yourself with Tools of the Trade
The grill is the centerpiece of any tailgate and the grill master is arguably the most important person there. He or she needs the right tools to transport and cook the food that will fuel fans for the day. A BBQ set complete with apron and utensils is a must, but don't forget about handy accessories like coolers, wine totes and bottle openers.

3. Take Care of Your Beverages
No tailgate is complete without beverages, so you better make sure you have the right drinkware. Stadium cups are all-time favorites for beer and soft drinks, but there are other options to consider. Wine drinkers love the Corzo Vacuum Insulated Cup and morning tailgaters appreciate an insulated travel mug that will keep their coffee hot for hours. If you need an insulated travel mug for your morning coffee that doubles as a can insulator for later in the day, the Sherpa is your go-to item. 

4. Don't Forget The Tunes
No party is complete without music. You can drain your battery by blasting your car stereo, but a better option is a durable outdoor Bluetooth speaker. These tailgate-ready speakers are available in a range of price points and sound great, even if they get bumped or wet. 

5. Be Prepared For Mother Nature
lightweight jacket is a life saver when the weather gets cool or the skies open up and pour rain. For ultimate convenience, choose one that packs into its own pocket. Throw a few in your trunk for emergencies and you'll be ready for any weather situation that pops up outdoors. Bring extra and your less-prepared guests will thank you.

The Bottom Line
With the right gear, your tailgate party will be the perfect way to get ready for the game.

Sources: PPAI - Georgia Southern Universit y Study ; PPAI - L.J. Market Research Study ; PPAI - Southern Methodist University; PPAI - Baylor University Study ; PPAI Consumer Study; PPAI Buyer Study; PPAI Sales Volume Study

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Touch Is Powerful and Effective

 Building unique campaigns are part of the fun of our industry. Our client base is diverse, within a day our hands touch many projects.

It's only Wednesday and this week we have:
  • Created new logos
  • Designed tee shirts 
  • Suggested seed paper items for an open house project
  • Sourced the perfect shirts for corporate, schools and EMS teams
  • Create art for a patch project
  • Ordered cups, pens, pencils, personal care products for summer like sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer and lotion, totes for markets, 
  • Worked on local fundraisers
  • ID badges
  • Door mats, outdoor signage, indoor displays, table covers
  • Developed and loaded on- line stores for employees
  • Kitted together items for mass distribution within an organization
  • Delivered custom work vests
  • Discussed themes and bounced around ideas for annual campaigns
  • Create a custom solution to recognize donors.....and the week is not over! 
Miranda often says, "everyday is an adventure".  In between orders, we are busy with our own promotions. Sara's been working on our website, creating art to share our brand story, adding to our testimonials, case studies and photo gallery. Keith gets the nuts and bolts of the process- invoicing, compliance and deliveries! Inserted here is a new info-graphic outlining the process we use. As crazy as any day can be internally, we enjoy working as a team to resolve your challenges. The occasional chaos is worth it when clients appreciate our expertise! 

For us, TOUCH is personal. We choose to work with you in our showroom and office location, guiding you through the process of product selection, art development and order processing from proof to delivery with your tracking updates.

Promotional products are a tangible representation of your brand; solving the problem of how to put your brand into the hands of your target market. We value your trust in our partnership as your branding provider. Branded items fulfill a purpose, generate an emotional response with recipients and provide a lasting representation of your message, so we need to help you select the best products to represent your brand.

Promotional products are invited into places and spaces no other advertising medium can TOUCH. The long term impact on consumers is huge because products have staying power inserted into their daily routine. Promotional products are the ultimate permission-based advertisement because they are owned, kept, shared and are purpose-driven as a standalone advertising medium or part of an integrated communications campaign.

Because promotional products are a functional multi-sensory advertising medium, products turn an ordinary message into a marketing experience your audience can smell, taste, see, hear and touch.

 Our industry's key points for WORK week include:
  • Promotional products are the most tangible, long-lasting and cost-effective form of advertising. 
  • Promotional products impact consumers through a social, intellectual, educational and entertaining form or engagement. 
  • Promotional products are unique and customizable. 
  • Promotional products are a mainstream form of advertising. 
  • Promotional Products Work! Week is a celebration by the promotional products industry to raise awareness about promotional products as an advertising medium and the benefits of working with highly qualified promotional products professionals to develop and produce innovative advertising and branding strategies. 
Let's GET IN TOUCH with your next brand project and start the planning in our showroom.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Why Promotional Products Work (Hint: They’re More Than Just Products)

Today's post is a guest column from our industry member, PPAI; which stands for Promotional Products Association International. I'd share the author, but could not find the person to credit- but enjoy the post anyway!

If you, like millions of others, watched this year’s Super Bowl for more than the game, you know the power of advertising backed by money and research; companies pitch brands and slogans that attempt to leave a lasting effect on the consumer. Many like to believe those messages don’t have much impact, but evidence overwhelmingly points to the power of persuasion.

It may be subtle, but persuasion by advertisers shows levels of success that prove television, radio, mobile and digital can—and do—draw consumers to their brands. They must compete not only with each other across traditional and digital media for the hearts, minds and dollars of the consumer, but they must compete with outside stimuli once the consumer walks away from the television, shuts down the computer or drives past a billboard.

What does leave a lasting impression is the promotional product. A $23.3 billion industry, promotional products are designed for staying power, and industry research has proven their power as an effective advertising medium.

PPAI studies conducted among media buyers and consumers reveal new insights into promotional products’ value and effectiveness. Of the consumers surveyed who could recall receiving a promotional product in the previous 12 months, 88 percent could recall the name of the advertiser and 85 percent have done business with an advertiser as a result of receiving an item.

Imagine being able to craft a message one time, and see that message spread to an audience of hundreds, thousands and even millions. Now imagine that message being delivered by a t-shirt, a pen or a beverage cup. Promotional products professionals work with Fortune 500 companies and top ad agencies to create experiences people love through a product they can actually use.

The same studies by PPAI report that 82 percent of respondents possess at least one and as many as 10 promotional items, with 81 percent keeping them because they are useful. What’s more, 53 percent said they use these products at least once a week and even more—47 percent—said they keep promotional products for more than a year.

Powerhouse advertisers aren’t the only ones who earn a mighty piece of the advertising pie; from mom-and-pop to mid-sized companies, promotional products professionals apply evidence-based technical expertise to deliver the hottest products and production techniques to their clients’ campaigns, improving their reach and boosting their bottom lines as well.

What comes to mind when you think of the color PINK? How about a red lapel ribbon? Or a yellow wristband? Promotional products work because they leave a lasting impression in the hearts, minds and hands of recipients. The messages live on because the products are memorable, unique and personal. They are the only sensory medium that gives the consumer a tangible memory of a relationship to the brand. Promotional products are shown to build communities of likeminded consumers with a shared sense of brand loyalty.  

Monday, May 13, 2019

5 Advantages That Start With Touch

This week is our industry's annual spotlight on 5 advantages we offer our brand partners. What 5 advantages? Those advantages are greater reach, recall, reaction, relativity and resonance with consumers. Advertising and marketing efforts are meant to influence consumer behavior and create positive brand identity; right? I'm proud to be part of on industry that can effect powerful change merely by touch. In a technology driven world it's important to connect with individuals one on one; I am also proud to say, we connect daily. 


Our showroom space allows us an opporunity to take their brand dicussion off line, compare options and allow our expert team time to interact with clients. Each week we are tasked with meeting with new and existing clients to dicuss their marketing objectives. We are fortunate to have many of our new clients come to as as referrals from our existing clients, which is a tremendous compliment to our team. Our team works together to make strategic suggestions to address branding challenges. In developing a campaigns we are often tasked with designing tee shirts or creating logos
or solving design challenges as we work through the campaign steps. It never gets old seeing our designs around town and in photos our clients share with us.

Ready to plug into the power of TOUCH?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother Earth- Celebrate Her!

Today is Mother's Day, so let's celebrate everyone's Mom- Mother Earth!

Our partners at JournalBooks, an award winning NC Company have been focusing on Mother Earth for years; celebrating with Eco-friendly products.

As a FSC® Certified company, JournalBooks tries to make their carbon footprint more of a carbon tip-toe. They take great pride in making products as environmentally friendly as possible by using vegetable-based inks, recycled scrap metal for wire binding and recycled cover materials. In pursuit of a sustainability dream, all of their filler are responsibly sourced and they offer 100% recycled EcoFiller as an upgrade.

Going Eco-Friendly doesn't have to be expensive, the Eco Line is made strictly from recycled materials.
Among the products in that line, the EcoTuc journal is a great option, with a unique ‘wrap-and-tuck’ design that keeps your notes protected. The Natural or EcoBlack cover can be switched up and inserted with a Natural front cover with an EcoBlack wrapped back!

EcoBooks offer a more traditional design, with 4 size options, from large to small and 3 material covers. EcoBooks components are comprised of post-consumer 100% recycled materials for earth-friendly note-taking!

 Enjoy the convenience of the classic wire-bound journals with a guilt-free conscience with EcoBooks.
Doubling-down on our sustainability efforts is the Eco Wrap, which is offered in two sizes, made of recycled materials and are refillable.

Once you've selected your journal, don’t forget about a pen! The EcoPen and MiniEcoPens are made with recycled plastic and paper. The Eco Pen, a quality retractable pen made with recycled paper and plastic with a flat wooden pocket clip.

Inspired? All of their products can be upgraded with imprints, custom filler, tip-ins and more custom options. Celebrate Mother-Earth today and plan promotions tomorrow that help save the world! Don't forget this line will be at our event on May 22nd!