Friday, March 26, 2010

People Love Promotional Products

The video link below provides a quick presentation about why…."People Love Promotional Products"!

Green Is Hot

Green is hot, wasting paper is not…so how about combining your need for visual communications in print with ecological products made from recycled seeded papers? Handmade papers are functional, attractive, economical and create an environmentally friendly gift with your marketing created right here in the USA!

Custom seeded mailer package shipped a DVD titled “An Inconvenient Truth” for Paramount Pictures. Instead of throwing away the packaging it was planted to grow basil. The response was incredible, even Al Gore featured them on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

WD-40 An American Icon!

We enjoy when clients ask questions like can you get Leatherman Tools, Mag-Lite Flashlights, Cutter and Buck Apparel and Corporate Gifts, Waterford Crystal or Godiva Chocolates because they are always surprised when we say YES! Our industry is full of suppliers with non name brand quality products as well as staple “American Icon’s” like WD-40! Next time you are considering a recognition or incentive piece, even a fundraiser with a “blank product” image the impact of your brand coupled with that promotion. Ask our professional team to help you design the right campaign for you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Digital Photo Frames

The past time you were in the doctor’s office or your automotive repair shop, you might have seen a Digital Photo Frames. Use Digital Photo Frames to teach! The ease of use in a waiting environment makes a digital photo frame with a screen saying “Press Me”. A great way to go through an interactive educational module while waiting creates the opportunity to showcase your services with before and after images. You might also consider mounting units to keep them from “bumps” in the office. In addition to showing information about how your business is helpful to your prospective client, you might consider some soothing music to help them enjoy their wait time. Finally, the last application you might consider for these frames is a quiz about your information with a “prize” to redeem at the end. This way you can monitor who is watching your presentations!