Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Top 5 Tips for Better Results at Tradeshow

Interaction and follow up with attendees is critical at a trade show, but where do you invest money to get the greatest ROI?
  • Product selection- if your message is adaptable, does your product give away have properties that suggest mobility, agility, flexibility, transformation? Are you a "solid, stable" company that offers your clients the ability to grow? Box shaped products and themes play on building blocks associated with growing upward on a stable base.  
  • How does your image projecting to your target audience? Look in the mirror, compare your neighbors booth- when the color, placement and selection of materials and products including your actual display pieces are of a high quality, it makes you look thoughtful, "put together" like a well dressed person. After all, don't you stop at the booths that look sharp and pass by the ones that look messy and homemade? Complete show packages allow you to take away pieces and parts to use in other settings, offering an overall discount from purchasing items one at a time.  

  • Collateral Materials- what are you giving away as a message piece? Offering perhaps a white paper to weed out the trick or treat attendee gaining instead qualified leads? Consider instead showing them a link on your site you track for downloads, providing them a product with a QR code that directs them to print content, printing out top tips as your industry "expert" to showcase how you are the BEST choice for them as a partner. 
  • Draw them in and keep them in- Games do draw in attendees, but you have to have prizes to support those games, offering services related to your industry- free exams, screenings, massages work too- if you are tech company- what about a charging station for mobile devices? Your services speak to connection. Quirky messages can be fun- if you are selling fitness to middle aged business people and you have a doughnut roll game and give away stress doughnuts with your are having fun while making a point.
  • Invite attendees to join you- Plan ahead and develop a list of attendees you can't miss, offer them a opportunity or product unique to them by sending them an invitation prior to the event in the form of a post card, mailer or game-
 Share all your relevant goals during consultations to make the most of our presentation and product ideas. What was your best trade show item in 2015?