Monday, May 9, 2016

Tangibles- The "Little Engine That Could"

 Tangibles are the "little engine that could" because they connect with people on a grass roots level. The message is presented to an appreciative audience. It starts dialogue with the words "thank you" upon receiving a branded product. The momentum of your brand, like an engine getting over a mountain, has to have a driving force that connects and moves your brand forward. The long lasting impact of promotional branding generates that brand momentum and effects change. 

Keep these 3 things in mind- 

1- This type of advertising is unique because it's viral, mobile, highly targeted and inexpensive!  
Promotional products are the only advertising medium capable of engaging all five senses. 
Adding a message to a tangible product turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience
the audience can see, touch, hear, smell and even taste.

2- Promotional products are proven to be one of the most effective media available to advertisers.
Because promotional products are tangible, useful and highly targeted to the audience 
they reach, 47 percent of consumers retain them for more than a year, delivering the 
highest rate of reach, recall and return on investment in the advertising industry.

3- Promotional products are the most cost-effective method for small and large businesses 
to market their products and services. These products are often used to reinforce personal 
relationships with customers, clients and prospects. In this period of economic 
uncertainty, it is more important than ever to provide a personal connection.

We are happy to talk with you about the effectiveness and our passion for promotional product.
Looking for data, we have some examples on our site, but ask us for more comprehensive studies.

The Promotional Industry Creates Jobs!

Did you know that the promotional products industry has a positive impact on the U.S. 
economy and contributes by creating jobs? 

Nationally, the promotional products industry is a $20+ billion industry with more than 
33,700 businesses—96 percent of which are small businesses—and almost 500,000 
promotional products professionals.

Here in NC the total distributor sales revenue for 2014-2105 was $340.24 million and 
manufacturers of promotional goods $128.25 million. There were 802 promotional products 
companies creating 5,988 industry jobs and 98% of these businesses are considered Small Business. 

Our industry thrives because promotional products are imprinted items that:

  • educate
  • recruit
  • highlight safety awareness
  • support worthy causes
  • encourage healthy living & lifestyle choices
  • recognize and reward employee achievements and inspire action
  • celebrate milestones
  • reinforce critical messages
  • They are even used when legislation is signed, think about it......
Promotional Products are positively impacting our economy, and Promotional Partners celebrates 9 years in this industry this month as a local and national provider to our clients. 

Top 8 Reasons Promotional Items are Effective!

What are the top ten reasons promotional branding works? 

1- Promotional products work well as a standalone advertising medium or part of an integrated communications campaign.

2- Promotional products are one of the most effective forms of advertising.

3-Promotional products are a multi-sensory advertising medium by adding a message 
to a product turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience an audience 
can smell, taste, see, hear and touch.

4- Promotional products are the most tangible, long-lasting and cost-effective form of advertising.

5- Promotional products impact consumers through a social, intellectual, educational
 and entertaining form or engagement.

6-Promotional products are unique and customization is the KEY!

7-Promotional products are a mainstream form of advertising.

8-Consumers Love Promotional Products!

Promotional Products Work! Week is a celebration by the promotional products industry 
to raise awareness about promotional products as an advertising medium and the benefits
 of working with highly qualified promotional products professionals, such as CAS professional 
Olivia Scott to develop and produce innovative advertising and branding strategies.

 We share this video for some statistical data related to our industry- 

We hope you join us on May 23rd for our Open House from 9-10:30 where we will have on hand several suppliers with tips and trends you won't want to miss! 

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why Are Promotional Items So Effective?

Did you know?

o Promotional products are a tangible representation of your brand
o Promotional products create surprise and delight
o Promotional products are invited into customers’ places, spaces and hands
o Promotional products impact (buying) decisions
o Promotional products have staying power
o Promotional products are the ultimate opt-in advertisement
o Promotional products are tangible advertisements people own, keep, share
o Promotional products are purpose-driven
o Promotional products complement other marketing forms; inclusion in the media mix

Check in throughout the month of May for stories, data and tips related to how and why promotional advertising can provide your brand results!  

What's your favorite promotion? Why?