Monday, September 28, 2009

Making Airport Security A Snap

"Imagine what you can accomplish this year if you take fear out of your vocabulary", Janice Peller owner of EMCO Technologies. Have no fear of slowing down at the gate as you go through security checkpoints during the upcoming holiday travel season. You might be flying for business, they might be traveling fro leisure, but not having to take your laptop out a checkpoints is "priceless". Ask us about this product!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Holiday Showcase

Holiday Showcase:

October 8, 2009

Halle Cultural Arts Center


Thursday, September 3, 2009

All About Pets

In the last year, Americans invested more than $45 billion on their pets. More than $17 billion was on animal chow, $10.2 billion on pet supplies and medicine, $12.2 billion on vet care and about $6 billion on grooming, boarding and purchasing more pets. As you can see, pets bring in some big business. Given our country's love of pets, it makes sense to logo pet products to boost business for pet shops, animal hospitals, boarding services, breeders, and pet sitters. It is surprising at how many pet products are out there; far beyond a pet scoop, water dish, or ID tag.
For starters, there's always that pet owner who dresses their dog in clothing, so for that type of person there is a Doggie Skins Thermal Hoodie.
How about Framed Pet Memorials that can celebrate the life of a beloved pet?
Don't rule out hygiene with Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo, and Pet Accessory Bags for traveling and the all necessary All Purpose Pet Scoop.
You never want to leave home without a Bag Dispenser with Carabineer equipped with biodegradable bags that attach easily to any belt loop or leash and is perfect for picking up those doggie unmentionables.
Practical items that are used each day like a Retractable Dog Leash, Muddy Paw Wipes, a Clip Safety Light that hooks onto your pets collar and even a Dog's Life Key Holder with charms.
For the enthusiast, try offering a book entitled 97 Ways to Make Your Dog Smile. It is filled with tips on how to rub, massage, scratch, tickle and knead dogs and even ways to keep your pups amused.
Pets play a big part in people's lives and there are many products to serve them. They are no longer front porch friends but instead they are now part of the family, just as much as any other person in the house, making Pet Products the way to go for advertising each day in a personal setting with a long term useful tangible ad!