Sunday, October 29, 2017

Confused by the POWER In Your Power Bank?

 Milliamp Hour, Standby Time, Output Current, Input Current- I don't know about you, but these terms don't mean much to me. My concern is will the power bank in my purse charge my phone when it's running low on power and how long will it take to get "powered up". A few years back I started purchasing the more expensive power banks for my kids with as "Tim Taylor- Tool Time" would grunt, "more power". They commented that these devices charged faster and stayed ready to charge longer than what they had previously been using.

Looking for a way to explain the terms, I found our buddies and Leed's created this document to explain the terminology. 

 The best I can come up with to explain how fast the charger works is to think about light bulbs. The wattage ranges from around 15 watts to 150 watts. The lower watt bulbs do not produce a very bright light compared to the higher wattage bulbs; that' because they don't pull as much "juice" from the outlet to light up the filament. Your power bank is similar, the output and input control how quickly the charger will work.

Ask your consultant to send you a copy of this information. 

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

How Safe Is Your Battery Powered Device?

You've seen the headlines - electronic battery powered items catching on fire, in turn creating concern among consumers. Safety is important to our company so we take great care to partner with suppliers that we can trust. 

At the top of the promotional request list for many of our clients is a power bank. Power banks keep busy professionals up and running during the day, while easily crossing over all demographics with for a functional branded item.

To insure rechargeable batteries are safe, they need to be properly tested and adhere to quality control. We select partners like Leed's that adhere to rigorous safety tests on electronic devices!   

According to our experts at Leed's- product safety begins at the factory with an evaluation process that includes verification of proper internal quality protocols.

They reinforce quality control procedures by:
  • Providing detailed product specs to factories.
  • Working with a quality-assurance team on site in China.
  • Rejecting substandard purchase orders.
What about product testing?

Leed's product testing includes both internal testing and testing by independent third parties. There are no mandatory standards, but our internal testing exceeds accepted industry standards. Their products have been tested by independent organizations like UL and Intertek, which offer certifications that more and more customers are requesting. 

The testing conducted by Leed's experts accounts for three areas:
  1. Functional testing to make sure products perform safely and as expected.
  2. Situational testing to make sure product will not malfunction if overused or dropped.
  3. Cosmetic and packaging evaluation for overall appearance, workmanship and logo
 Would you like to know more about power bank product safety? 

There are so many styles of power banks, which one is right for your needs or distribution? What determines the speed a power bank charges? Look for answers in our next blog post.