Thursday, August 27, 2009

Call to Action

Looking for a unique way to provide a call to action? Many businesses and organizations look for a fun memory hook when asking for a change. For instance, a community center that provides programs and events, churches that want to promote migration to the church, service industries that ask you to move your business for better service, "our service" will move you, an organization that focuses on volunteers or fitness, even a company that wants to start an internal fitness program to reduce health benefit costs from employees that "get fit". Ask us how we can provide you some fun in boosting your next call to action with boogie bots!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People Who Should Be Rewarded

Everyone likes to be rewarded or acknowledged. In our current economy as companies have cut back, the trend is to ask employees to do more. Increasing an employees daily "to do list" without recognition does not create a positive work environment. Here are some people who should be rewarded.

School students "caught" doing something good
School students who make the Honor Roll each quarter
Employees who come up with the best name for a new product or service
Employees who come up with the best cost-saving idea
Salespeople who make the most cold calls in a day
The "most inspirational" manager
Customers celebrating a milestone
Customers who give the best suggestions
Customers who give you the most/best referrals
Most loyal customers
Employees celebrating a milestone
Employees reaching a health-related goal
Employees reaching a safety-related goal
Employees who recruit new employees
Salespeople who make 100% of quota for the year

The picture shown here is of a USB Fragrance Dispenser. So for ones who spend much time during their day working at a computer, this could be the perfect little Aromatherapy Treatment getaway right at their desk!


High Gloss, Full Color Graphic and inexpensive Halloween treat bags are a great way to acknowledge client loyalty. They are helpful high exposure products reminding families of themes such as security, fun, partnership, safety, and preparation. If you use these themes with your clients this is the perfect way to re-connect before the end of 2009! We even have a supplier for bio degradable plastic bags!

Now Halloween isn't the only thing coming up. There are dates for everything! So you need to make sure you are prepared!

Most people are aware of major holidays each year, but what do you know about seasonal and national awareness days that directly affect you or your client base?

Educate yourself quickly by using our on-line promo planner on our website Use the website to scan the calendar both by month and day to learn what might be an effective way to partner with your clients for an upcoming event.

Next take action by offering to share a booth or combine your services to educate a new client base with a shared promotion.

Partnerships increase the value of each business and strengthen partnership bond.

The public perceives greater merit for companies that join forces for a "cause". Now you're increasing brand awareness among a larger demographic.