Sunday, October 28, 2018

Choose the Hotdog that Makes Everyone Love Me or the Hotdog that Loves Everyone?

" I am stuck on band-aid brand 'cause band-aid's stuck on me"- "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener- that is what I'd really like to be- after all everyone would be in love with me"....."fat kids, skinny kids, kids that climb on rocks- tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chicken pox- love Armour hot dogs"; well now that is I love them both? You bet- for different reasons, after-all they taste completely different. 

  • What's my point? Brands matter, they resonate with us and if you are a "boomer" like me- you grew up watching TV so you can sing all of these jingles and more! The Armour commercial would never have made it to air in 2018 with the lyrics. Is it better to be loved with your hotdog selection or select the hotdog that offers to love me regardless- for me it's just a hotdog; I've eaten both!
  • What is the importance of a retail brand over the generic equivalent? I admit it. I will purchase a generic in the grocery store over a name brand about 95% of the time. However there are some that don't come close. Cheerios for example, only the brand name will do.  Food is a commodity item, but when I am making a more major purchase- like a TV; I look for name brands and research my choices. 
Recently I took a webinar, with Melissa Ralston of Bic Graphic- for PPAI, related to buying habits and brands- a few of the interesting stat's:
 Millennial's represent 1.7 billion of consumer purchases, by 2020 Gen Z will represent 40% of consumer purchase decisions and Baby Boomers represent the highest proportion of disposable income- so who's the most brand loyal?

Who loves brand more? 
Apparently it crosses all demographics and influences all consumer groups, but the reasons vary.


Are there some common reasons?
What are the factors that make products from well-known brands so successful in the promotional products market? 
  • Consumers feel comfortable with the quality, durability and reliability of brand name products.
  •  The larger the brand, the more assurance you have as a consumer that the company has tested, re-tested and adhered to safety & compliance standards.
  • There are businesses and organization that want to be associated with the quality of a brand- offering the recipient of their branded products higher received value and brand elevation to the product selection.
Are you a brand enthusiast? Which ones are your favorite?

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

How to Generate Longer Residual Value for your Brand

If you are wondering how to generate longer residual value for your brand it's simple, "turn out your pockets"-in other words open your desk drawer, look down at the "catch all" tray in front of your car cup holder, the storage compartment in your car, the kitchen, the person sitting in the waiting room with you or beside you at the game......branded products are everywhere- being used, being kept; it's location advertising. 

A couple of favorite locations include:


Why does tangible marketing generate a longer residual value and create a stronger impact with consumers? Why & how do consumers respond to this form of marketing? 
Check out this video

Can you be sure the data is real? Yes! We a member of an organization called PPAI, Promotional Products Association International. PPAI is a great partner for resources. The organization has been around for over 100 years & collecting independent research data for 50 years!

What exactly is a promotional media- what does it do?

There are over 30,000 consultants in our industry. Our company focuses on providing an interactive experience and being a strategic partner. Developing innovative campaigns requires we stay current, via on-going education, towards trends that will benefit your marketing initiatives.

Working on your own has risks- a certified consultant understands the market, the variables, the supply chain ( supplier experience, capabilities, response to issues and reputation)
Well beyond the actual purchase of the item, a consultant is your creative component. An internet provider is only a source for product purchases. Did you know that November marks our owner, Olivia Scott's 6th year anniversary as a certified advertising specialist? 

Our showroom is specifically equipped for your needs. Inside the showroom are products from every category, as well as a team of support. Our team is ready to provide you relevant case studies, statistical data, graphic design work and marketing knowledge to design your next effective campaign. Why do they work?

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Are You A Sipper Or A Chugger?

Our friends at PCNA are featuring popular new options for both sippers and chuggers! In fact thier line has solutions for all your favorite beverages- read on:

Sippers vs. Chuggers

The chuggers fill a bottle at the watercooler only to gulp the entire thing before they even get back to their desks. For the chuggers, hydrating is a task to complete - the faster the better. They tackle life head on, so those wide mouth sports bottles are right up their alleys.

On the other hand, the sippers of the world make their cups of coffee or tea in the morning and casually enjoy their beverages all morning long. The sipper likes to stop and smell the roses - approaches life as a journey. A high performance copper vacuum insulated tumbler is a sipper's best friend. Why rush when you know that your coffee will be nice and hot for the next eight hours?

Staying Hydrated

No matter how you quickly you consume your drinks, it's important to stay hydrated. The latest guidelines from the National Academy of Medicine recommend that most women consume about 91 ounces—that’s actually about 9 cups of total water a day. Men need a bit more; about 125 ounces (or 13 cups) a day. Here’s good news: that total includes other beverages (like coffee, tea, soda and milk) as well as foods (for example, one medium apple translates to about 6 ounces of fluid).

Since water makes up more than two-thirds of the weight of the human body, staying hydrated is important for a few reasons. Water lubricates and cushions your joints, protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, and transports wastes from your body. Being hydrated helps with memory and cognition; it also helps to improve your mood and immune function (National Academy of Medicine).

The Bottom Line

Water bottles, tumblers and travel mugs are important personal accessories that we take with us everywhere. They're practical products that enable us to express our personality and style - which precisely what makes them killer promotional products.

Whether you're a chugger or a sipper, your drinkware BFF is out there. Click here to see the entire PCNA drinkware collection.