Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Future of B to B Marketing- Dive into another reality!

Did you play Pokemon Go this summer? If you are over 21 your Facebook feed was probably full of women posting a twist on the summer fun, with finding wine!

Pokemon GO uses a smartphones GPS, the camera and a clock setting to enhance the fantasy world with reality.

Augmented Reality or AR for short is not new technology, large brands such as General Electric, BMW, Ray- Ban, Adidas and Stella Artois were using it to animate product images and highlight them in a 3-D world. Some companies have used this technology to train employees. Applications currently being used in the marketplace:

Lego- offers ways for consumers to see 3-D versions of some of it's finished Lego toys.

IKEA- allows shoppers to put furniture they are considering in an electronic 3-D room using an app.

Ray-Ban -uses an app to map your face to see what various styles will look like on the consumer.

Brands like Apple are investing in this technology, according to Apple CEO, Tim Cook- they find it "exciting'.

What does it mean for you as a consumer and how does it effect the promotional world?

Some industry professional see applications in the next couple years to:

 1. Make websites more interactive with visual elements that can more effectively tell stories
 2. Showcasing samples electronically and 3-D.
 3. Education "hot spots" which allow consumers to watch videos, see applications for the products and virtually view how a product will look scaled to the space in which it will be used.

For example if a retailer of appliances or cabinetry can show you different finishes or installations within your kitchen space- why not look at how your trade show booth pieces will actually fit into the space you place to display them? We would find that exciting!

For the moment our industry is offering AR glasses and headsets like the one in this video; by the way our participate is on a roller coaster ride. We are also seeing paper and vinyl products using AR much like a QR code to re-direct consumers to a menu of choices to stand out from competitors. As we learn more about how to use this technology as part of your promotions and branding stories- we will share ideas. Read our newsletters for expanded tips.

Are you using AR? Share how; we'd love to hear from you.

* Source ASI- Advantages November 2016