Thursday, October 27, 2011

Service Case Study

-Keeping Grey Metal South’s name in front of HVAC businesses during the year
-Creating fun “sales call promotion” for sales team

Suggesting Grey Metal South use the holiday season as a time to enhance relationships with functional gifts that promote their brand; high quality products such as Maglight flashlights and invoice storage clipboards.

Creating playing card decks were a low cost impression, but great impression of the company with full digital playing cards as an “ice breaker” with new products.

Case Study:
“The flashlights and clipboards have been quality products that get our name in front of the end user of our product. The flashlights and clipboards are quality built items and have been a real hit. We use these as door prizes for the counter days and open house of the distributors we sell through. The playing cards were an excellent ice breaker.”

Tony Evans- Plant Manager

Release Program

Challenge: How to reward partnerships with a “bank” of promotions. New York Life had been seeking a blue signature vase to provide local partners as a gift; cobalt vases presented a challenge for several years with stock availability.

Solution: Finding a source with affordable product in stock, we were able to purchase the remaining pieces and “bank” those on a release program for when they are ready to acknowledge a local partner.

Outcome: New York Life appreciated being prepared to ship out product quickly when a new recipient was identified.

Why Flash Drives?

Flash memory is only made by a few manufacturers and they control the prices. Flash memory chips are in everyday items like your refrigerator, TV, car, stereo and IPods. The demand for the components is huge and the supply is limited. 80% of a flash drive’s cost is determined by the cost of the memory chip.

Japan makes most of the components, so the Tsunami last year drove the price up for a while due to shortages in manufacturing.

A flash drive is a small solid state memory device that is similar to your computers hard drive because it can hold any kind of information such as pictures, songs and written documents. Flash drives unlike your computer are mobile and unlike paper can store large amounts of data in a small compact easy to carry space. Unlike your computer, a quality flash drive won’t crash or break your arm carrying documents to a meeting; everything you might need at the click of a key.

Flash drives are also popular for their green component. Users are saving a lot of paper when downloading magazines and reports onto the flash drive.

Tech folks will like knowing quality flash drives are RoHS and WEEE compliant.

Many flash drives offered online come with hidden dangers. Specifically, reduced memory; an issue with 40% of the chips sold holding only 60% of the memory that should be installed. These reclaimed chips are sold in the open market for around 5 cents. Some online companies use software that allows them to take small chips and overwrite the memory to make it look like for example a 1 GB flash drive. This is why you need to make sure you are buying quality flash drives and compare pricing “apples to apples.”

We avoid quality issues by only purchasing from companies that sell Grade A-tier 1 certificate flash drives because they reliant and guarantee their full memory.

What size to order?

· Did you know that a 4 GB flash drive can hold every National Geographic Magazine ever published?

· Did you know that a 4 GB flash drive can hold every page of the 2009 Federal Budget Report and still have plenty of room left on it for more data?

· 1G is the most popular order we have, but unless you have large volumes of documents you will be fine with smaller memory.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rewarding Referrals

Challenge: Dr. Kazmer has a successful periodontic practice in Cary. For over 12 years they have been rewarding the referrals they receive to their practice from referring dental practices in a variety of ways including their popular Oktoberfest each fall. How do we keep this promotion “fresh”?

Solution: For this event, the attendees received a commemorative glass to remind them of the event. This year’s glass will be truly unique with a permanent custom orange color added to the glassware.

Outcome: Our knowledge, resources and creativity for knowing product lines that offer something “special” helped to create a one of a kind addition to their collection.

Testimonial: "Thank you Olivia and Keith for years of top-notch service. You give every order your utmost attention. You always have ideas for all my projects and can find something for me in any price point.
You are more than business are friends!"

Church Case Study

Problem: Looking for ways to get their name out in the public for those looking for a new faith or ones in need of a church.

Solution: Use a magnet that can be used on a car to raise awareness of their church. Also to be used to connect people within the church to one another since the size of the church is so large.

Case Study: One older church member was heading to a church member’s house this past spring and got totally lost. In her frustration, she pulled into a gas station to get gas and figure out what to do. As she was getting gas, she happened to notice that there was a “Cary Presbyterian” magnet on the back of the other car. She didn't know the driver but went up to her and introduced herself (because of the magnet)! The other driver ended up leading her to the house she was trying to find, and now they know each other when they see each other in church!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Entertainment Promotions

Local TV Station CW22 MYRDC works with Promotional Partners for ideas to help them promote their programming in the community. This station will be carrying the popular "Big Bang Theory" as part of their new programming line up. To familiarize the viewing community with the launch of this program,CW22 sponsored an evening with the Mudcat's Five County Stadium where they distributed tee shirts with the station logo and digital fans in shape of show characters Penny and Shelton. The hand fans kept attendees cool during the game and generated fun during the evening which sparked interest in the show for the local audience to tune in to the show.