Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Top 5 Networking Lessons Learned

We all need a "time turner" like the one Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series to help is manage more things at once right? Did you know that February is time management month and the 16-20th was networking week? Missed it? That's okay- we all need more time and we all need a strong network.

Ever had someone in business say,  "you should check out this networking group, they're the best".

What really defines "the best"? 

For many the answer is leads to converted sales, while a blunt response that's what a sales person is really seeking.

How do we find good resources?

Top 5 Suggestions Learned From Trial and Error

1- Ask good questions! Is the person you are talking to the decision maker for your services or products? If not, who is the right contact? What does your company currently use for the service or product we offer? Happy? Why or why not? Do you have a budget? Are you ready to make a change?

2- Networking is not a social gathering. We all have friends and there is a social component to networking. However sitting with your same pals enjoying treats from the hosting group is not networking. Make it a point to introduce yourself to new faces while connecting with referral partners and old friends.

3- Swim with the fish and sharks you want to meet. If you stay on the beach, you will not meet fish or sharks unless you get in the water where they swim.

4- Learn to identify individual that are able to influence within their circles. Individuals who have earned the trust of others in their circles can connect you to decision makers. Look for individuals that take action rather than talking about action; they know the value of "paying it forward."

5-"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."
Theodore Roosevelt- 
Stop being in selling; listen to new connections so you will know what to say to a new asked what you have to offer that will impact that new contact. 

What is your top networking tip?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cookies Grow Sales and Awareness

Cookies grow sales and awareness! Yes, it's true you've heard in moderation chocolate is good- so why plan some sweet promotions?!

Marketing without a plan is wasting time and money! Promotional products invite conversation
and interaction; they make your brand memorable.

What are you planning to do for 2017?

Benjamin Franklin once said,"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". While your company is
likely not going to derail over a few quick purchases, we find our company often positioned at a
community event, career fair or expo where the neighboring booth is giving out "stuff" with no
understanding of why those items were purchased.

If your company promotes good health, your products should reflect healthy living,
antimicrobial properties, food storage and drinkware offer ways to control portions and
content. Non-woven grocery bags have a large imprint area; include a food pyramid or
suggestions for ingredients to avoid when making product selections.

In ten years of business we have tried a variety of ways to market our own business. Like
many businesses we too "over think" or "over reach" our internal goals. For any business
converting conversation to actionable generates income. As a result, its not uncommon to meet
with a company and find that they would like to find new customers, convert leads to
customers, increase order size, increase the frequency of orders and obtain referrals. Whew,
that is a lot of focused attention!

How does your goal become a marketing campaign? 

Let's take a cookie

Do you want to start a referral program? Aren't you "SWEET" to refer our company

Do you have a new product or service that is more competitively priced that your
competitors? Then you have a "SWEET DEAL"- as direct mail to invite your prospect to try.

Does your company offer services to both residential and commercial;duality in a cookie with cracker like surface on one side and chocolate covered on the other side provides you the opportunity to point out that your existing clients might only be looking  at you "one way".

Our logo looks different ( full color cookie) and once you get a "taste" of our new benefits with
the recent merger, you want more than one product!
 Do you offer additional services that keep another business running efficiently?

A one stop shop? Support staff or software that leads to stronger outcome? When others
"crumble" we deliver, we provide...well you get the idea.

What is the sweet spot in your business?