Saturday, July 7, 2018

How To Achieve Award Winning Decoration?

 This is meant to be a trick question, because the easiest way to create award winning decoration is to start with an award winning decorator! In our July newsletter I reference the '70's Life cereal commercial where siblings feed brother Mikey a bowl of the new box of Life cereal test it! To their surprise he liked it and Mikey hates everything!

My analogy is that while Keith does not hate everything, he also tends not to be interested in the new apparel choices when our rep's come by the office. I usually buy him some new branded apparel, but rarely get feedback till the Vantage line- he loves it! What I love besides the styles in the line is the decoration options!

Click the process links for an added bonus to see how these decoration processes are applied to apparel- you'd be surprised how many of them are applied.

Of course Vantage offers award winning traditional favorites like embroidery- a PPAI award winner for 22 consecutive years!

The best embroidery in the business- check out the process

When it comes to embroidering a logo on a shirt, or any other garment for that matter, no other company does it better than Vantage. We have the most experienced digitizers and embroidery operators in the industry, and the production capability to quickly fulfill any size order from 1 piece to 100,000 pieces. So whether you’re looking for full-service promotional apparel supplier or a decoration partner to plug into your business, Vantage offers the services you’ll need to succeed at every level.

Screen to shirt with seamless application-  check out the process

Our talented artists and experienced press operators ensure that your screen print designs will look their best. In addition to traditional spot-color inks, Vantage offers specialty inks and art distressing to make your logo or design stand out.
  • specializing in printing in dark and light garments
  • decorative inks such as metallic, neon and crystalina are available to make your brand pop
  • high-volume, quick-turn capacity, award winning quality
  • CPISA compliant

Laser Etching- how is it done?

 Vantage’s laser etch technology uses precise detail to bring an upscale, tonal look to any brand. Take a closer look inside this unique deco technique, and watch the logos come to life. Get inspired by unique placement and multi-media logos. The end result differs by fabric, but is always a precise, clean mark that offers an upscale look.

What fabrics can be laser etched?

Create a unique look on a variety of fabrics. Laser etching is great at achieving small detail, and taking advantage of unique placements. This technique works best on smooth, medium shade garments.
  • great for fleece, woven denim and performance fabrics
  • etch over zippers and seams
 Laser Applique- how is it done?

Laser applique decoration is an easy and visually exciting way to increase the value of branded apparel. Take a look through our library of logos embellished with full-chest applique in a variety of fabrics, reverse applique technique, or patch size designs.

 Laser Appliqué Logos
For a high-impact branding option, let us interpret your logo using laser applique decoration. The applique fabric, which can be used in single or multiple layers, adds visual interest and can reduce stitch counts in full-size designs and large fill areas. 

Tech patch

Fashion forward tech patch

This technique produces an upscale branding option for our jackets and other performance garments. Tech patches flex with the garment and can be designed in a variety of simple shapes. Logos will have a tonal mark on the patch.

 Sequin Embroidery- how is it done?

Embroidery that sparkles

This decoration technique uses sequins to create attractive logo designs. Once a layout is complete, it is digitized in a sequin dot format. The design is then created by embroidering sequins directly onto the garment. Check out a behind-the-scenes look of a sequin logo coming to life.
  • great on our ladies’ pieces or caps
  • easily create a feminine, eye-catching look

Heat Transfer- how is it done?

Achieve detail to complex, colorful logos with heat transfers. Perfect for small runs, lightweight fabrics and multi-color logos. Check it out from start to finish!
  • Crisp Text, No Borders!
  • cost effective option for large logos and small runs
  • popular technique for performance garments

Die-Mold Transfers- are hot!!

An upscale option for adding texture & dimension to brand logos. Great on performance garments or for larger logos with lots of detail. Die-mold transfers can be applied to the same garments as heat transfers.

 Which process are you ready to try?

Join us on August 1- between 10-12 to see this super line, new fall styles and award winning decoration to take your brand to the next level!   Check your newsletter for details or register here to attend with the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Consumer A Peel Is In Your Hands

 Consumer A Peel is in your hands, because bringing more raving fans to your doorstep is as simple has HANDING out fan peels to apply to your face. In sports it's about filling the stadium, aka putting "butts in the seat". In a retail world it's about bringing fans; right?

This past weekend our downtown area played host to an traditional family 4th- with a bike parade, games, food & lots of families in red, white and blue. If a store was handing out fan wear in USA themes to the first patrons or with a minimum purchase of $5.00- do you think folks would patronize? Maybe a store could give them away for free if the family posts a selfie at the selfie station in their store. The options are limitless! 

Waterless, peel-and-stick tattoos will stick to skin, clothes, phones and more making them safe for all ages! 

Simple application & removal.
Re stick to another item after use!

Will not run or fade; sweat proof!
Products are produced in the USA
3M™ hypoallergenic medical tape
Patented state-of-the-art digital printing
Sophisticated die-cutting techniques to produce the highest quality product.
Low cost!

How to use? 

  • Create a fan challenge! 

  • Fan Friday's at work be more fun with licensed teams. 

  • Provide licensed fan packs to the first 10 shoppers. 

  • Offer a free pack with a purchase. 

  • Share on social  media which fan base showed up in mass- reward them with a gift.

Great for game day giveaways, couponing, call to actions. 
Include waterless peel and stick tattoos or eye strips for a perfect value added boost in a combo package.

Looking for something custom for a fundraiser or spirit?

Tell us what you had in mind, our design team create a concept for you.  

What types of applications for these products? 

Custom waterless tattoos and promotional campaigns are perfect for employee campaign reminders, team challenges in companies, special events, marathons, charitable organizations, sports teams, and school spirit.

We offer collegiate, customized and OEM  licensed products!

 Who's ready to get started?

Did you realize this supplier will be at our Holly Springs Chamber ribbon cutting on August 1st?

Check the chamber website and our monthly newsletter for details - register here 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Corporate Anniversaries: A Perfect Fit for Decorated Apparel

A week ago we celebrated our 11th year, as well as our first month in our new location. While normally we don't dress in matching branded apparel, our team wore the popular Strata shirt. We showcased how embroidery can be featured in a variety of locations. Think about it, employees know where they work, consumers are savvy enough to see matching shirts and well, left chest all the time? Boring! For something different try the hip, the sleeve or the yoke on the back of your shirt. Branding is not about you- YOU know where you's for others to notice YOU. Be a little more unpredictable!

If our open house had been in the fall,  “varsity” pullover would have been a great “corporate anniversary” piece.

Our friends at Vantage did some research and determined that every year, nearly two-million companies reach a significant corporate milestone. Miles tones such as five years, fifty years, or even one-hundred years in business. These anniversaries present great advertising opportunities because promoting the number of years in business tells customers your company is both experienced & trustworthy.

Anniversary-themed promotional products are an excellent way to gain new clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients. At our Open House we had over 70 attendees- each left with a bag of goodies. The choices ranged from sunglasses for National Sunglasses Day, coffee stout flavored lip balm with our new address, microfiber cleaning cloths with some stat's demonstrating how branding wipe out your competition, national date calendars and the ever popular sticky notes & pen combo; which included mop tops for their tote bag! Door prizes included beach towels, canvas totes, luggage tags, polo shirts, running gloves and copper insulated drink ware! What's the point? Celebrate anniversaries with items folks will keep, use and enjoy- allowing your brand exposure to soar!

Celebrating with Unique Decorated Apparel

Decorated apparel is an excellent choice for corporate anniversaries. When each employee is rewarded with a new, anniversary-themed piece of apparel, they become an active participant in the company’s legacy and the corresponding marketing message.

The eye-catching piece that stole the trade-show's this year was a pullover with a large front applique logo displaying “1950” across the chest with the company’s logo also embroidered on the left bicep sleeve area. Another popular option involves utilizing multiple placements on a polo shirt. For example, the left chest could display the company’s logo, and the right bicep could display the year in which the company was founded (e.g. “Est. 1916”).

What are you ready to celebrate??

Join us on August 1 between 10-12 to learn more about how you can use branded apparel as a gift or recognition piece when we host the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce for a ribbon cutting- register on their website or check the link in our monthly newsletter to register to attend.