Thursday, June 13, 2019

Connecting Your Brand with Travelers

One in five people anticipate traveling more for business this year than last year and nearly a quarter plan to take more leisure trips. It does not take a paid study to confirm that people are happier when they have more time to break the routine of work and get away.

      Getting away might be a road trip, camping, staying in a rural mountain cabin or taking in the surf and sand of our NC coastline. Whatever your definition of a get away there is a product to enhance your modern experience.  

Do you need to stay plugged into your data? Then you'd love this battery pack surge protector

If your idea of getting away is more adventuresome, you'd likely appreciate a way to capture all the adventure to share with your network of friends and family.

Even if you just plan to chill by the local pool- Patriot products are for you. 

      Whether you'd prefer the soft sided style to carry to the pool or you plan to fish for days on your boat, so you need ice to remain frozen for 5 days; this line has the answer. While you are enjoying leisure time, you can appreciate that 20% of the net proceeds of products in this line go back to veteran's housing


What's your favorite way to relax? 

Imagine how much your best referral partner or key account would love one of these products to use in their leisure time. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Brand Trips- 6 solutions to Brand Outdoor Adventures!

Warm weather is here and the right gear adds both comfort and convenience to the day. Social gathering are also the perfect way to insert your brand into discussion, with quality pieces others will notice!

Summer events, including:

  • 5Ks/Run-Walks
  • Company Picnics
  • Food, Music and Arts Festivals
  • Golf Outings
  • Alumni Get-Togethers

Take full advantage of the longer days of summer and reasons for your brand to get noticed- in fact, we can knock your outdoor promotions out of the park! Featured at our recent show, take a look at these solutions. 

1. Keep It Cool
The traditional basket is classic but a heavy-duty cooler is way more practical - especially when you're bringing food and beverages that need to be kept cool. The addition of backpack straps for comfort and convenience, makes outdoor activities a snap.

2. Be Prepared For Mother Nature
Summer showers can show up out of nowhere. If you're going to an outdoor event, throw a lightweight jacket, especially one that packs into its own pocket, into your bag. You'll be happy you did once Mother Nature stops cooperating

3. Have a Seat
Get comfortable. If you're picnicking or tailgating, you'll definitely want a nice place to sit. Make sure you have a seat that folds and is easy to carry. Watch for super-compact chairs that collapse into a small carrying bags/cases.

4. Cover Some Ground
Go big with an oversized blanket made with a durable material that can stand up to chairs, pets, coolers or anything else you might bring to a picnic or day at the beach.

Music makes the moment and offers some compelling stat's for use with consumers. Grab an ultra-portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker to get the party started with your brand, front and center!

Who wants to be outdoors with bugs?? We've got you covered! Ready to plan? Besides these ideas, we've put together ideas around pool, beach, camping, hiking, road trips and more......give us a call; we will send you some ideas. Make sure your brand is traveling the USA this summer. #roadtrip!


Sunday, June 9, 2019

3 Polo Shirt Myths Debunked

When you think of polo shirts, what words come to mind? Chances are "trendy" and "stylish" are not the first things that pop into your head. Polo shirts are incredibly popular, especially in the world of corporate branded apparel, but they sometimes get a bad rap. We're here to take a look at some of the myths and misconceptions that surround this versatile piece of apparel. There's tons of branding potential once you get rid of some outdated thinking. 

"If you've seen one polo, you've seen them all."

The Trimark polo design spectrum is HUGE. From corporate and refined to relaxed and casual there are tons of options. Let's take a look at what's trending. Popular choices include bold color blocks, subtle contrast in color of decoration and garment and a heathered pattern is the perfect canvas for something new and edgy for your brand.

Today's polos offer a wide variety of fabrics that all have different aesthetic and performance properties. Details in the collars and buttons are also not traditional. For example, by going with a mandarin collar or choosing a shirt with  snaps instead of buttons,  you're stepping away from business as usual and setting yourself up to get noticed.   

The Concord Polo (TM16611/TM96611) has a trendy heathered look.
"Women's polos are boxy and shapeless."


In branded apparel, one size definitely does not fit all. For a piece to be successful, it has to be worn. Which is why Trimark develops women's-only styles and offer women's versions for almost every polo they introduce to market. Designers take steps to make sure women's pieces fit well and flatter the figure. For example, the majority of the women's polos in this line have shaped seams and tapered waists for a flattering fit on all figures. Some of our women's polos also have more feminine design elements like mandarin collars and no-button plackets. The goal is to create a polo that people love to wear.

The women's version of the Antero Polo (TM96703/TM16703) has a no-button placket, shirttail hem and tapered waist.

"A branded, decorated polo is going to make me look like a billboard."

Long gone are the days of left chest branding as the only option for your brand. Our friends at Trimark have six high-quality imprint methods, ranging from bold to subtle- looks that gained rave reviews at our recent client event.

 Trimark polos have tons of standard imprint locations.

The Bottom Line

Trimark polos are branded apparel favorites for a reason. They are versatile, stylish garments with multiple options to provide the right look for your organization. Our team would be happy to host your team in the showroom or a pop up event at your location. Ready to get started?   

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pimento Cheese or Boredom?

Guess what, Keith and I are considering going to The Pimento Cheese Festival today. What makes that amazing? 

  1. I hate pimento cheese- I mean I really hate it!
  2. They are calling for rain. By the way, if you are not southern, callin' for rain just means rain likely
  3. What's not amazing is how popular festivals have become to cheap fun. In fact, rather than boredom or laundry- I will attend this festival! After-all, who's not only looking for something to pass the time, be entertained and see something new? I am also working, yep; always wearing my promotional cap. What's engaging attendees??

What makes an event successful? It's fun for the attendee, as well as engagement with exhibitors and performers. As a bonus, if it's located around brick and mortar business district, there will hopefully be increased sales for the day.

What types of items increase booth traffic?
  1. Fun and Useful Items- take a look at some options Made in the USA!  

In fact, shoe laces are one of the most adaptable, fun, low cost products in our market. 

Consider this:
  1. Fundraisers- each side can be different, ask a question and provide the answer
  2. School Spirit- highlight what's cool about your school
  3. Sport's Team Pride- mascots, team colors- full color - of course
  4. Awareness
  5. Hometown Pride
  6. Follow me to...
  7. Walk for.....
  8. Run- Walk- Bike- movement is key to good health
  9. Touch me- your feet/toes; 10 times everyday for better health
  10. Our business pairs well with your feet, 2 times the fun, your companion to.....
Next time you are at a festival, put on your promotional eyes- take notice of cool messages being shared with attendees. Headed to Cary this afternoon? You just might see us at the Pimento Cheese Festival; you can have all my samples!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

American Made Values

Yesterday I posted some functional items that included brand names and higher end gift items for brand recognition. Today the focus in on budget friendly fun. Our partners at Aakron Line have solutions!

The full line of American Made includes:


Rulers, walking sticks, folding yard sticks and oven sticks- think home and school for rulers. Folding sticks are great for measuring new items for your home which is great for furniture stores and real estate. Oven sticks are great for safety for any age, but especially for kids and seniors; think senior living, daycare, even bakery's or prepared meal stores!

Water bottles, beer steins, mood changing items, glow in the dark- so many shapes, sizes and colors!

Think message themes:

  • Are you in the mood for...?
  • Is it time for a change?
  • Find us any time of day
  • We have illuminating solutions
  • Join us for a pint
  • Stay hydrated, your health is important to us!
  • We are in a Hurry to see you Can you join us? In a hurricane cup! 

Ready to toss around some ideas? I can do this all day, no really ask anyone on our team...they are already groaning at all my puns!

Monday, June 3, 2019


If talk of tariffs has you down, there is an end around- go domestic USA Made!! 

There are quality, affordable options that are tariff free right here in the USA.This week we will focus on the numerous choices in our industry for home grown products!

For those that like to keep moving, traditional, quality, name brand items are the perfect way to brand. Aligning your brand with superior workmanship and offering low quantities for gifts. 

I will take this Duluth tote please! 

What types of products do you like to use daily? 

This is just one of many suppliers we will feature this week. This supplier has tools, knives, lighters, watches, bags, protective glasses, bottle openers, key tools, flashlights, coaster, multi tools, trailer hitches? Check it out here.

Excited to follow our options this week? 
Send us a challenge- what would you like to see as a USA-Made option????

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Chill- It's Easy To Brand Outdoor Locations!

June is National Camping Month and camping has come along way since my rustic cabin experiences in Girl Scouts. Don't get me wrong, if you want to go rustic- there are options. Whether you prefer rustic or glamping; there are options to enhance every campers' experience. 

If a bike is your preferred method to get to your destination, you'll appreciate this Specialty Hydration Bags When all you want is water, the CamelBak Hydrobak minimalist bike pack has you covered—enough water for a 2-hour ride, and a safe zip pocket for keys and essentials that measures 6" by 4". The new Crux™ reservoir also offers 20% more water per sip for faster hydration in the saddle. Includes water reservoir with 1.5L capacity.

Light Up Coolers - designed to outperform the competition all day & all night so your company will be proud to put your logo on them. Guaranteed to handle the toughest adventures one can throw at them. Our unique Logo Plate allows the light from our patented 100% waterproof rechargeable Night Sight LED Liner to shine through & illuminate your company's logo. Every LiT Cooler comes with four resuable LiT ice legs. Drop them into the corners of your cooler & drop the cooler temp in matter of minutes.

Light Up Water bottles-It's both a flashlight on top or with one click, the inside lights up so you can see the interior of the bottle.

Even Chill Packs for your cold beverages
View the complete line of mostly USA Made products here

Outdoor adventures are more comfortable with portable chairs and tables!   and even your own portable bug controller!   Keep the pesky bugs away with the Mosquito Repellent Night Lamp. The lamp features a bottom light, a bug zapping light, and a hanging hook. The both lights are activated by touch on the top of the lamp. The bottom bulb is a bright LED light comparable to a filament bulb. The blue light in the center surrounded by a safe guard has a special wavelength that attracts insects to the inner grid that shocks them with 2000V of electricity. They then fall to the inner space of the lamp there they can be swept away with the included brush. Perfect for all outdoor areas, the Mosquito Repellant Night Lamp is rechargeable by USB.

Whistle Safety Light provides some additional protection walking at night or on the trail.

Did you like these ideas for staying cool this summer? That's a wrap! Slap your brand around a beverage can; numerous shapes for choices.