Sunday, July 30, 2017

Who's Holding Your Brand?

Yesterday we suggested going out on a limb to expand your definition of a promotional product. Looking at the utility of a product in a different way only requires a little creative thinking! It's hot to "re-purpose" an old product for a new function. However, often our clients just need a little    re-direction to consider how a product can be used to enhance engagement and capture their story.  Are the items in the photo to the left luggage tags? Yes, but the ones with the pocket could also be used on a lanyard to hold ID badge or an electronic key card.  The long strip style could be used as a key tag, an invitation to grand opening or become a signature item exclusive to season ticket holders as a VIP pass to their seat.

                                   Your open to ideas, but don't know where to start?

Always start with a plan!

  • How will you use the product to convey a message about your company?
  • Where & how will you distribute the product? 
  • Why & how do you expect the recipient to use your product?
  • What is your take away message?

Our company tagline is " a place where ideas get results". Results happen when product selection resonate with the recipient; becoming part of the message rather than a product with a name on it. The amount of choice for promotional products to brand can be overwhelming to many clients.

How do we decide what types of products to show you? 

Maybe you need a unique way to commemorate benchmark dates, such as this 50th anniversary oversized police patch.

Maybe your logo is difficult to embroider, but can be reproduced with an innovative process that creates a digital print that appears to be embroidered; allow us to capture your details & provide the depth of a stitched piece.

Maybe your company has volunteers lending a helping hand by building homes, working in community gardens or planting trees for a local school in need. Gloves are the "right fit" for many promotions.

Why do our product selections work? 

  •  Collaboration- Of course you can purchase promotional items on-line. In fact, you can purchase while drinking your morning coffee in your PJ's; access is 24-7. At Promotional Partners, a plan of action starts with conversation. Our clients meet in showroom with an expert advisor to discuss what they want to achieve. An on- line company is set up for a transaction rather than a conversation. An e- commerce site does not delve into your marketing plan or provide sound marketing advice.  
  • Creativity- When we collaborate, clients share valuable information. Recently a client left a larger firm to start her own firm. When asked how she planned to position her company's assets, she replied, "I need to give it some thought." Instead, pushing for for her to "sell" her service, she provided a list of distinguishing markers for her company. Suddenly product selection was easier, which put her message center stage.
  • Certification - EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION; are words that never go out of style.  

            • We provide product education
            • We research trends and new products
            • We partner with company's that provide product safety information, adhere to rigorous certifications and pledge to standby strict codes of conduct.
            • We can match your goals with values such as environmentally friendly operations, social responsibility or other key areas of importance to your company.  

 Going out on a limb does not have to be scary. As your marketing partner we have the expertise to help you decide whether covering your recipient's hands and feet is a smart move to showcase their brand. Putting your brand in the palm of your target market's hand is our purpose!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sock It To 'Um!

I don't know who Frank Scully is, but apparently he stated, "Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?" Now why would I share that quote? On a limb, you'd find a sock....follow me here....if you want to "sock it to 'um" you need the element of surprise. To get one's full attention, you'd better pack a punch. Right?

In the world of branding, requests often fall along similar lines: magnetic, drink ware, writing instruments, calendars, tech products and apparel. When clients think apparel they think tee shirts, polo shirts, jackets, sweaters and caps. However chances are excellent that you do something everyday- cover your feet! 

Socks my friend! Slippers, boot socks for hiking, resort cozy socks, run-walk awareness socks, socks that make a statement, socks in high visibility for safety and socks for work boots. Think about the brand message, break down the elements of a sock. Socks are used for warmth, which translates to health, care and concern. Socks for running or walking are tied to fitness goals. Fundraising for charities or spirit wear become a sign of unity- a walking billboard! 

Socks are the an unexpected punch. Socks, unlike most apparel are fairly unisex; avoiding sizing issues. Socks are form instant teams and partners. As a promotional product, socks fit provide strong ROI (return on your investment), affordable, functional, fun solutions and can be worn numerous times for outrageous impressions.

Socks are just plain fun! Even the those who opt for a basic wardrobe will consider fun socks. (psst- Keith wears some Boston Celtic socks he got for Christmas! )

Enjoy the word play. Allow your message really connect with the recipient. 

Use the element of surprise and the strong visual.

Your home- slip into something comfortable- slippers!
We're more comfortable paired with you! 


We won't let you down- gripper socks! 
We insure your safety!
Get a grip on spending- we will make you comfortable in your retirement years!


Running for office? Follow me to the polls!
 Sell USA made products? Provide USA made socks! Your part of the fabric of this country!

Want to get a parks and recreation bond passed? Show support with the message that you look forward to playing sports, walking or hiking on the new green ways & fields. 

Company picnic? Fun full color socks for teams; team building will be remembered long after the event.

Support a charity? Wear it with pride. Brand your logo with the charity you support.

Reward Employees at monthly meetings- you are our super power! 
Large corporate companies- Does everyone sits in the same groups? Do you have employees that don't even know other departments? Give out socks in 3 or 4 different color corporate color patterns; group employees for the next meeting by the color of their sock. 
Call to Action- Make sure our service knocks their socks off! 

 Whatever type of socks you like to wear- sock it to 'um. If you don't go out on a limb, you won't find the fruit. Be different, you might just knock their socks off!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

On the way to work this week, a radio host shared a study conducted by scientists that proved "we" can't stop looking at Facebook because we actually like to judge one another. Well duh, huh- once again scientist tell us what we already know. Oh, you don't judge? I do. I admit it- it's not about the price tag of the outfit, it's about polish and fit. I often see other business professionals, unfortunately often it's women, wearing something that makes me think, really- did you look in the mirror before you left the house?

If you aren't agreeing with me, then you are probably judging my comments. Right? HA!
I am okay if you are judging me for my comments. However, what we find frustrating is guiding some clients away from easily resolved brand "appearance" mistakes. When clients take their brand outdoors-  often the date sneaks up, leaving them unprepared to present a polished appearance. Using this type of blow up tent makes set up quick and easy!

A recent blog caught my attention for some tips for your personal brand. The tips relate to your ability to grow your business, rather than leaving money on the table, by suggesting you assess your choices in a "three way mirror".

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
Milton Berle 

Every day in business, we face new opportunities to make money, grow our careers and grow our business. But are you optimizing these opportunities? Whether you are working for a company or out on our own, you may miss out on money and opportunities without even knowing it.

In a recent episode of her podcast Beyond the Business Suit, Kailei Carr, CEO of the Ashbury Group, discussed five ways you may be leaving money on the table. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we'll share a summary of Carr's key points.
  1. Your outward appearance is not congruent with what you have to offer. Carr says that 11 judgements are made within the first seven seconds of meeting someone. These include perceived credibility, competence, trustworthiness, sophistication and level of success. Therefore, if you are meeting a new client or senior leader for the first time, you want to reflect the quality of your work. While the quality of your work might be stellar, it's often not enough. People are human and they'll judge you personally if you show up looking sloppy and not professional. So make it easier for people to give you business, referrals and other opportunities by reflecting a professional look that is consistent with what you bring to the table.
  2. Your LinkedIn profile is not updated or optimized. How many times have you seen a LinkedIn profile where the picture is out of date or inappropriate, or there's no picture at all. LinkedIn is the mainstay for recruiters who are sourcing candidates, for business consultants and other professional services, and much more. Often, business relationships start from LinkedIn. If your LinkedIn profile is not up to date, does not comprehensively and accurately describe your work experience or does not include a profile photo commensurate with the caliber of work you do or would like to do, you may be leaving money on the table.
  3. Not sharing what you do with others. Many of us try to keep our personal and professional lives separate, but you never know who you'll meet with a connection that can benefit you. Get in the habit of sharing your business, your work aspirations or future goals with others. They may be able to help you and you can help them. You won't know if you don't bring it up.
  4. You're not positioning yourself as a subject matter expert. Many of us are excellent at what we do and are great at communicating our expertise, but we shy away from this due to lack of confidence or fear of appearing arrogant. Think of how many people you could reach and help by sharing your expertise in a blog, on social media, while speaking on stage or through other media. When we leverage media to share our expertise we can not only reach more people, but our image is also immediately elevated (assuming we present ourselves in a polished and professional manner). And this attention can lead to paid speaking engagements, new job opportunities, business opportunities and more.
  5. For entrepreneurs: your website does not properly reflect your brand. Just like your LinkedIn profile, your other digital assets need to reflect a high-standard of work as well. If you have your own business and have not updated your website in months, this will not give confidence to potential clients about your attention to detail. Develop a method for keeping your website updated regularly. Again, you may be leaving money on the table if you don't have a website that speaks to the caliber of the customer you want to attract.
Source: Power presence expert, Kailei Carr, coaches and advises women leaders and aspiring leaders on executive image, presence and personal branding. Her signature approach to developing and defining a polished, professional image has helped high-potential women to make it all the way to the C-suite. She also hosts and produces the podcast, Beyond the Business Suit.

Shared from Cassandra Johnson's blog Promotional Consultant Today

Not sure what to offer employees for apparel needs? Would a company store help your dress code? Navigating the corporate casual look for yourself? 

At Promotional Partners, we have you COVERED! 

No time to come to the showroom? 

Did you know we set up "shows" on location for larger groups to bring in various departments to a centralized point to ask questions & feel apparel first hand?