Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Do You Define Genuine?

In the 6th grade I would only wear genuine Levi’s with the red tag; they were the “real deal” as “proved” by the tag. Currently my inbox frequently drops in messages that suggest that I’ve been bequeathed millions of dollars. Watch a television commercial or movie and you’ll now find disclaimers that despite what appears to be real– apparently it’s not. 

You’d think it would not be so hard to define what’s genuine and what’s just an illusion. Recently indulging my couch potato side, I stumbled upon an interesting definition for genuine. Country mega star Blake Shelton of The Voice, remarked in summary of a contestant’s country song performance that the contestant was “genuine”. Blake elaborated that for a country artist to connect with the audience the audience has to believe that the performer is committed to the words in that song. 

Isn’t that statement true for business? After 7 years in the promotional industry offering products, aka selling advertising solutions; I still have folks who say, “Oh I could never sell anything”. “Selling” is not a dirty word, in fact it’s a necessary component of all business regardless of the industry. Selling does not have to be associated with THE plaid jacket, slick backed hair sales person offering to “put you into” that product before you leave their location. Selling is about generating a match– it requires listening, collaborating and suggesting solutions to address need; problem solving. The branding then reflects via products the genuine message of the advertiser; committing to a brand story. When the target market connects with the message the brand is genuine

In an electronic environment, promotional products are a key stroke away from consumers. Our company has worked diligently to highlight value in our design work, knowledge of product safety compliance, product educational pieces and creative approaches to common challenges. We’ve acquired certifications that provide benefits to our client base such as HUB status, PPAI Code of Conduct and CAS– certified advertising specialist. Additionally we’ve invested time to build an identity within our community. ( check links on our website to learn about any of those certifications) 

Promotional Partners has taken an active leadership role within the fabric of the triangle business community sponsoring numerous organizations with our commodities of time, expertise and resources. Each April we help promote awareness for the Apex Chamber of Commerce’s annual Book Bag Bonanza.  This program is important to the local community as local business’ band together to provide students lacking resources the  basic tools required for a successful start to their academic year.   

Visit the chamber site to learn more about how to assist with this program.
As a business owner, it’s inspiring how many local businesses take time to invest in our community, helping to make the triangle a great place to live– the triangle genuinely represents the best! As we celebrate the end of 7 years this month, we thank each of you for your support.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What makes a pen "right"?

One thing I have learned in 7 years of promotional sales, folks have very defined ideas about their writing instruments. The color of the barrel, the style, how it writes, size of imprint area, color of ink, plastic/metal, contemporary, traditional, click, twist, cap- well you get the idea. The last Thoughtful Thursday I saved for writing instruments because year after year they top the list for the most kept and used products. Given current trends pens even incorporate stylus tips to keep the user easily moving between electronic devices and paper. We love to hear about your favorite! Pick up a free one tomorrow on our last Fantastic Friday. Enjoy this data and even a video today.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ready to Make an Impact?

It's time to shed our long winter. Many businesses are looking forward to getting our to local expo's, recruiting fairs and street festivals to connect with new prospects. Every venue and every demographic has different types of products that generate attention. For example, hand fans, toys for kids and impulse purchases like caps and water bottles are effective in a street setting, while personal items for the desk or travel tech are popular with business expos.

What will make you stand out from the field?  Visual graphics are eye catching and allow one to tell their story with more than just text. This link to our face book page has some images of a popular display system

As part of this week's Thoughtful Thursdays, we remind you to stop by the showroom  today for the Friday Freebie's- we will be taking the day off tomorrow. In the images attached here are some fun and useful facts to help guide you with choices from our industry studies, conducted by both ASI and PPAI. 

Learn how many items people own, where they receive products and what "impressions" are made to their brand for advertising.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

What is the Recall and Influence of Promotional Branding?

What is the recall and influence of promotional branding on consumer behavior? Life Changing!

Okay maybe not in way that will raise one to a high level of "inter peace", but not doubt effecting consumer behavior. Promotional products have a positive correlation to retention and acquisition of new business relationships.

The recall of product based advertising out performs other advertising mediums, which in turn increases brand awareness and revenue for businesses using promotional branding.

Certified consultants work collaborative to establish the profile of target audiences so that the most useful promotional pieces will become part of the fabric of their day.

Four months into this year, what is the impact of your brand for reaching new business?

Take a look at these compelling facts gathered and provided by PPAI research studies.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Promotional Products WORK week is coming April 21-25. On "Thoughtful Thursdays" , during April, we will be posting useful information regarding consumer behavior as related to use and interaction of promotional products.

How often products are used?

Why they are kept?

Check out this data- let us know what you keep and use the most.