Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ogio Bags

These are the newest styles for ladies. These Hobo style bags are manufactured by Ogio and all you have to do is sling this roomy bag over your shoulder and hit the road in style! These bags are made out of either alpaca yarn or suede. They have a satin liner, a large main compartment and a smaller pocket for your cell phone or keys! It's the perfect size for any need!

Would you like to have one of these bags? You can! Just comment on them and vote for which one you like best and you will be registered to win one of these bags! But, you have to vote by November 11 because we will be drawing a name that day! So, hurry and vote and one of these stylish bags could be yours!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Community Partners

Recently Apex High School students from the schools Academy of Information Technology program were able to put their classroom experience into real life practice by assisting at a recent holiday showcase for a local Apex company called Promotional Partners. The program for these high school students is designed to have them complete paid internships, during which time they receive hands-on exposure, professional supervision, and practical work experience. This allows students to begin the process of building a resume while "trying on" their future professional roles. Students are selected for these industry-specific placements on the basis of interviews and their fulfillment of coursework requirements. Also attending the showcase was a guest appearance from "Crew" the Peak City Film Festival mascot. Crew and team are gearing up for the final exciting weeks leasding to the first annual international film festical for general audience rated films! The venue for the film festival is set int he historic district of downtown Apex. Many of the festival events will be anchored in the Halle Cultural Arts Center. The Halle, nestled in the heart of the historic district, also provided the perfect backdrop for Promotional Partners holiday showcase held for their clients and partners in the local community. Promotional Partners brought a taste of NC companies to their clients in need of holiday ideas for branding as well as acknowledgment to employees and local business partners. Company owner, Olivia Scott, created the show for their clients to have the opportunity to learn how her company could design programs featuring NC made products that would assist with their client's branding needs. Utilizing the students that support their company intern program was a way to provide a "fun marketing moment" for students. Olivia comments "When clients see the opportunities to partner with local business, schools and new events like the Peak City Film Festival, it strengthens the bond of community partnership."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Making Airport Security A Snap

"Imagine what you can accomplish this year if you take fear out of your vocabulary", Janice Peller owner of EMCO Technologies. Have no fear of slowing down at the gate as you go through security checkpoints during the upcoming holiday travel season. You might be flying for business, they might be traveling fro leisure, but not having to take your laptop out a checkpoints is "priceless". Ask us about this product!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Holiday Showcase

Holiday Showcase:

October 8, 2009

Halle Cultural Arts Center


Thursday, September 3, 2009

All About Pets

In the last year, Americans invested more than $45 billion on their pets. More than $17 billion was on animal chow, $10.2 billion on pet supplies and medicine, $12.2 billion on vet care and about $6 billion on grooming, boarding and purchasing more pets. As you can see, pets bring in some big business. Given our country's love of pets, it makes sense to logo pet products to boost business for pet shops, animal hospitals, boarding services, breeders, and pet sitters. It is surprising at how many pet products are out there; far beyond a pet scoop, water dish, or ID tag.
For starters, there's always that pet owner who dresses their dog in clothing, so for that type of person there is a Doggie Skins Thermal Hoodie.
How about Framed Pet Memorials that can celebrate the life of a beloved pet?
Don't rule out hygiene with Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo, and Pet Accessory Bags for traveling and the all necessary All Purpose Pet Scoop.
You never want to leave home without a Bag Dispenser with Carabineer equipped with biodegradable bags that attach easily to any belt loop or leash and is perfect for picking up those doggie unmentionables.
Practical items that are used each day like a Retractable Dog Leash, Muddy Paw Wipes, a Clip Safety Light that hooks onto your pets collar and even a Dog's Life Key Holder with charms.
For the enthusiast, try offering a book entitled 97 Ways to Make Your Dog Smile. It is filled with tips on how to rub, massage, scratch, tickle and knead dogs and even ways to keep your pups amused.
Pets play a big part in people's lives and there are many products to serve them. They are no longer front porch friends but instead they are now part of the family, just as much as any other person in the house, making Pet Products the way to go for advertising each day in a personal setting with a long term useful tangible ad!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Call to Action

Looking for a unique way to provide a call to action? Many businesses and organizations look for a fun memory hook when asking for a change. For instance, a community center that provides programs and events, churches that want to promote migration to the church, service industries that ask you to move your business for better service, "our service" will move you, an organization that focuses on volunteers or fitness, even a company that wants to start an internal fitness program to reduce health benefit costs from employees that "get fit". Ask us how we can provide you some fun in boosting your next call to action with boogie bots!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People Who Should Be Rewarded

Everyone likes to be rewarded or acknowledged. In our current economy as companies have cut back, the trend is to ask employees to do more. Increasing an employees daily "to do list" without recognition does not create a positive work environment. Here are some people who should be rewarded.

School students "caught" doing something good
School students who make the Honor Roll each quarter
Employees who come up with the best name for a new product or service
Employees who come up with the best cost-saving idea
Salespeople who make the most cold calls in a day
The "most inspirational" manager
Customers celebrating a milestone
Customers who give the best suggestions
Customers who give you the most/best referrals
Most loyal customers
Employees celebrating a milestone
Employees reaching a health-related goal
Employees reaching a safety-related goal
Employees who recruit new employees
Salespeople who make 100% of quota for the year

The picture shown here is of a USB Fragrance Dispenser. So for ones who spend much time during their day working at a computer, this could be the perfect little Aromatherapy Treatment getaway right at their desk!


High Gloss, Full Color Graphic and inexpensive Halloween treat bags are a great way to acknowledge client loyalty. They are helpful high exposure products reminding families of themes such as security, fun, partnership, safety, and preparation. If you use these themes with your clients this is the perfect way to re-connect before the end of 2009! We even have a supplier for bio degradable plastic bags!

Now Halloween isn't the only thing coming up. There are dates for everything! So you need to make sure you are prepared!

Most people are aware of major holidays each year, but what do you know about seasonal and national awareness days that directly affect you or your client base?

Educate yourself quickly by using our on-line promo planner on our website Use the website to scan the calendar both by month and day to learn what might be an effective way to partner with your clients for an upcoming event.

Next take action by offering to share a booth or combine your services to educate a new client base with a shared promotion.

Partnerships increase the value of each business and strengthen partnership bond.

The public perceives greater merit for companies that join forces for a "cause". Now you're increasing brand awareness among a larger demographic.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our New Showroom Space

Promotional Partners recently opened a new showroom space in Apex. The new space showcases many of the products Promotional Partners can order for you. The benefit is that you as clients can come meet with us and we can show you products from multiple suppliers instead of just bringing a few items to you. Doing it this way lets you see the unlimited possibilities whether you need items for a fundraiser or to promote your business. So stop on by our showroom and let us help you! Here is a short video to show you our new showroom space.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Food Ideas

Allow 5% of your budget for packaging, it creates a memory hook for the clients response to you next time you meet! What can you do with food products, they are consumable. Food relationships with powerful images contribute to those sensory memories with trigger responses later and build relationships with clients. Clever packaging for a continuance program or unique shapes in food get your company noticed: you stand out in the pack! If you gave a client a package of jelly beans and one was a different color, they'd notice and you'd say, "We are unique among what seem to be similar companies" let us show you how we solve problems.

Summer Time

Apparel is often the first opportunity for a prospective client to form an opinion about your company or organization. It’s the introduction to your brand; therefore your image should reflect your mission. Fortunately for our clients the industry keeps up with the ever changing demands of consumers. Whether you need product from certified organic cotton or bamboo for a green based business or a specific name brand golf line for a corporate partner, you’ll find what you need. Even in the athletics arena the push is to mimic the looks of the pro and more groups are adding the custom options for cut and sew on uniforms.

However what if basic quality business apparel is your current challenge? Do you need a broad range of sizes? How about XS-10XL? Is your challenge creating uniformity in a color that brands your company, but offers the flexibility to have every piece from the T-shirts, the men and ladies companion polo’s and the long sleeve oxford match in the identical color? We got your source! Perhaps you need specific apparel unique to your industry, for safety, healthcare, lines, work wear uniforms, restaurant aprons or even specialty items for hospitals, etc. We have the product lines you need, let our educated staff guide you through the options.

Once it’s time to order for a large group, ask us to send you an electronic spec sheet with the images & sizing available to compare. Is your large group hard to please? Ask about our spec sample program to review for quality and sizing prior to your order.

Need us to help you understand what fabric content’s mean? Then you are ready for Fabric 101. Ask us to send you the fabric guide for tips in understanding apparel jargon.

Advertising Information

With all the news about the economy this year, do you seek some good news around the water cooler? How about some of these facts to get you smiling today:

In the 90's : Jif reported that their sales grew 57% and Kraft Salad Dressing grew 70% after increasing advertising during recession years!

To summarize information on tangible advertising:

Instant recall: More than 8 out of 10 (84%) respondents remembered the advertisers of the promotional products they’re received.

Very impressionable: 42% of respondents had a MORE favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving the item. And nearly a quarter (24%) said they are MORE likely to do business with the advertiser on the items they receive.

It’s all business: Most respondents (62%) have done business with the advertiser on a promotional product after receiving the item.

Pens are in: Writing instruments are the most-recalled advertising specialty items (54% of respondents recall owning them), followed by shirts, caps and bags.

User-friendly: The majority (81%) of promotional products were kept because they were considered useful.

Staying power: More than three-quarters of respondents have had their items for more than 6 months.

Bag it!: Among wearables, bags were reported to be used most frequently with respondents indicating that they used their bags an average of 9 times per month. They also deliver the most impressions: Each bag averages 1,038 impressions per month.

Most impressive: The average CPI (Cost per impression) of an advertising specialty item is $0.004; as a result, marketers get a more favorable return on investment from advertising specialties than nearly any other popular advertising media.
Ad specialties are proving their worth; remembered by recipients who also gain a more favorable impression of the advertiser on the product, according to a new study by the Advertising Specialty Institute.
The advertising specialties industry comprises a 13% share of the advertising marketplace, with $19.6 billion in sales for 2007, the group said yet the study found that advertising specialties beat out all forms of TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

How's that for some good news? Ask our well educated staff to come in for a lunch and learn seminar or an am coffee break to share with other businesses in your building or a group of departments how working with a distributor that knows the industry can save you time, money and headaches, allowing you to focus on the tasks in your box for the day!

Prime Line

Need the flexibility of setting your quantities for the remainder of the year?

Prime Line is living up to their tagline of "what you want" with form, function, and fun this year by letting the client set the minimum order.

Prime has a broad line of products that cover the categories of Bags, Leisure, drink ware, office, writing instruments, technology electronics, travel, stress relievers, executive toys, lights, key tags and tools. What are people buying?

The top 5 most effect products still rank as:

Writing Instruments
Desk Accessories
Food Gifts
General Gifts

How and why are our partners using promotional products?

73% Business gifts- branding and self promotion, acknowledgment
52% Customer retention and loyalty programs
48% Tradeshows
47% Customer Acquisition
41% Employee Incentives
39% Employee Recognition
20% Dealer Promotions

Need to control your budget but want to advertise?
Set your own minimum quantities with quality Prime Line products!!
Use the link below to access the entire catalog!

To read the Flipbook, click here

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a very popular item during this time of the year for all Add Videoages! They are a fun item to wear and are great for school fundraisers and sporting events. They come in girls and guys styles. You can customize them by adding your logo to the straps or even the bottom so that when you walk on soft surfaces such as sand or dirt, it leaves an imprint. Call us to get more information or to help you with any ideas!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fundraising Idea

What is the newest, craziest way to create a buzz among our community for your business? Advertising with crazy hair; popular with both guys and girls!

Imagine your name out front of the local community that goes out to support the "home team". Teens will be inviting action with this product in the stands, creating more and more buzz for your company to your target audience. This would be great exposure for a sponsorship or charity fundraising event as it is useful for both indoors and out!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why use a distributor?

My name is Miranda and I am a student intern at Promotional Partners. I have been working here now for a number of months. As I come across new things and questions every day, there is one question that people continuously seem to ask…Why would I use a distributor if I can order it myself online? Now I would have been asking the same thing a short time ago but my view on this question has changed. There are a number of reasons why using a distributor is the smart way to go.
For one, good distributors do more then just sell items but instead, they have the time and knowledge to work with you and make sure that you as the customer are completely satisfied with your order. In addition, as distributors, it is their job to be up on the latest trends. A good distributor adds creativity, innovation and imagination. Online stores can show you products you want to see and help you find the product you want but distributors can provide tangible samples that make your ideas come to life!
In addition, unlike online stores which you never have face to face contact with anyone, most distributor companies you can find locally providing customers with convenience. Also, online stores, while they may provide you with information you need, they never go above and beyond. A distributor guides you through the process and is always available to answer any questions you might have. Then once an order is put it, the distributor tracks your items, making sure that you get what you need and that you get it on time.
Finally, distributors work with their suppliers many times, in turn building relationships with those companies. Because of this, distributors can not only save you time but more importantly in this economy, money. As an educated staff, they know questions to ask you that you might not think to ask them so they can provide you information on quality, quantity or pricing: all things important since we know your imprint is very important to you. Since distributors have a relationship with their suppliers; they can sometimes get deals on items that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.
So as you can see, there are many benefits to using a distributor versus using an online source. Whether its time, money or convenience, a distributor is the way to go!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Promotional Partners and the Community

Promotional Partners is very active in the Apex community, supporting other businesses in our Chamber of Commerce as owner, Olivia Scott is an ambassador with the Apex Chamber. Often our company posts short video clips and stories about chamber events so businesses that want to seek new areas for networking are aware of the opportunities provided via the local chamber. Here are a few examples of recent events attended...

This was the unveiling of a recent model home in the Seagroves Farms neighborhood in the Apex Community.

Promotional Partners was also at the Grand Opening of the Apex location of the SunTrust bank.

We were also in attendance at the unveiling of the new Camaro at the Apex Chamber After Hours event. Here is some footage of the night.

In addition, Olivia, the owner of Promotional Partners was in attendance of some other events going on in the community. This is just a glimpse of few.

About Promotional Partners

Do you have ideas about how to promote your business or your organization but you need a partner that understands your needs and is committed to developing innovative ideas that fit your mission? Then you need a business partner that will find the products, the quantities, the quality and response time you need to be successful in your endeavors.
Promotional Partners is for you. It is a husband and wife owned business, both with experience in the business. We are open 24-7 with our online store, we are very flexible and we have a personal artist on staff! As a company, our mission is to build a reputation of reliable, quick, innovative low cost marketing tools for our clients that will generate success and recognition they desire for their business or organization.
Promotional Partners moved from their Cary location about 6 months ago to their new location in Historic Downtown Apex above Anna's Pizza. As you see here, this a picture of the ribbon cutting we held in January. Since then, we have expanded opening not only office space but also a show room to demonstrate many of the products we can offer. We also just celebrated their 2 year anniversary in May.