Monday, April 25, 2016

Something to Roar About......

If nobody is around to hear you roar, did you actually do it? Effective use of a promotional calendar means you actually plan ahead, so the recipient of these promotions knows you did indeed roar! We also hope they roar with you.

We know life is busy, but engaging employees and top clients means planning strategically. For many planning ahead helps create budget and stay on budget with promotional plans.  

Plan promotions around:

1. A company wide theme
2. To coincide with a new a product or service being implemented
3. To tie into a company sponsored community program 
4. An upcoming benchmark date.

No matter what you select, have fun and be genuine to your company’s core values and image.

When should you start planning?

Decide several months before your next budget year how you will implement key promotional dates. Decide the frequency, the recipient and the reason for the promotion. For example will your promotion be:

·         Monthly, quarterly
·         For all clients, only the top 20%, or for those tied to redemption program designed to increase sales or order size
·         Employees- after internal goals are achieved, monthly for fun, as part of a company wide volunteer effort in the community

Next share your calendar up with your promotional consultant as a year at a glance or at least 3 months ahead so we can look for the best ways to implement that theme and locate new product ideas relevant to your branding.

What’s coming up?

June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month. Perhaps plan a day trip for employees to the NC Zoo, buy zoo tickets to give away to your top clients or provide travel tips and a schedule of activities on your company blog for families planning a trip to the zoo. For employee fun, who’s game to allow departments to “re-naming” themselves by species?

Additionally, June is also National Ocean’s Month which offers an opportunity to tie to conservation and Eco-friendly themes for your company or your company's recycling efforts.  Men’s health month is great for companies that provide sports, health and fitness services in addition to wellness program initiatives or water sport safety tips.

Specific dates to consider:

June 1- National Running Day-
June 5- National Cancer Survivors Day
June 14- World Blood Donor Day
June 21- Go Stake Boarding Day and in Apex- you can check out the new skateboard plaza;
Make sure to wear your helmet and pads!

Use your imagination! Ask us for ways to be relevant to ways to tie into your brand message and don’t for get to share your success with us as photos and stories!