Friday, September 9, 2016

November Promotions To Raise Awareness

November heralds in several events not to miss for capturing awareness.

Starting with Movember- men to grow mustaches in support of prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. 

Companies could offer discounts for those with “a mustache” or use promotional mustache products like shopping bags, tumblers, shot glasses for incentives to purchase an item with proceeds being donated back to a cancer charity that affects men.

Encourage attention for your company by offering the opportunity to pose with faux mustache products for “selfie” moments at your location or around the shops in your area.

Similarly, supporting lung cancer awareness with positive anti-smoking messages, ribbons and bracelets; pledges from employees to try to kick the habit.

November 15- America Recycles Day
Take a look at work and home to figure out what can be recycled! There are many eco products made from easily domestic grown such as bamboo and corn, recycled plastics, old tires, old newspapers and more. By the way, glass products are naturally eco-friendly and easily recycled.

November 26-Small Business Saturday
Local retailers should plan now to thank customers with products that will appeal to customers and relate to the business. For example, a music store could distribute guitar pick key chains that day! 

Share your favorite promotions!