Sunday, January 6, 2019

What's The Face Of Your Business?

You've heard it before, first impressions are important. Many of our clients will be stepping up their sponsorships, community outreach, seminars, conferences and industry shows for 2019. What impact will those events have on their marketing goals? To some degree the face they project to attendees at events will determine outcomes. Preparing for a host of events means making sure you visual communications- aka displays, signage and print material are sharp long before the big day arrives.

What to select? Product selection varies greatly in terms of size, durability, adaptability to multiple venues. Selections should not be the same for everyone; needs vary. For example, what works outdoors might not work well indoors or vice versa. As we guide clients through choices we focus on several key areas when suggesting products.

Among the most requested are  stretch fit- conforming table covers or premium no wrinkle covers which help to reduce a wrinkled appearance.

 Eurofit display systems offer ease care, polished appearance, modern look and are lightweight. They are easy to set up and break down; regardless of your height! Sublimated decoration (which means a permanent, full color option that is dyed in the fabric) lends itself to imagery on both sides of the display fabric, offering the opportunity to share different messages on each side. These systems are perfect for everyone from the once a year event to groups that break down and set up 50-60 times a year! In fact one of our world traveling business partners uses this product exclusively because of it's consistent dependably; breakage issues and lost parts are problems from the past.

Tents with educational back walls and side walls as well as interactive photo moments were a HIT hit with attendees at events in 2018.

Get your game face on- be ready to rock your next event- plan now! We will go over our key questions to determine the best product solutions for you.

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