Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Save The Date- Identify Your Brand Fun!

Have you seen the viral video of a millennial job interview? In the interview the applicant talks about being an expert on "the big ones" in social media; laughing that Facebook is for old people. While Facebook might not be everyone's preferred social media platform, there are plenty of businesses using this type of media to attract and engage their target market.

Experts in social media suggest you engage your audience with images, videos and clever posts that make your followers want to comment, share and "like" the content on your preferred platforms. Unless you can pay for a content specialist, your probably either doing your own social media yourself or delegating that task to someone in the office.  Is that person "saving the date"- identifying place holders in the calendar for national dates that reflect your brand story?

Using a national dates calendar provides you a ready source of information and framework to craft a yearly plan for your business. Additionally, national dates offer employers ways to generate office fun! 

During 2018 we gave our national dates calendars and the reaction was always the same; immediate giggles and excitement as recipients flipped through dates and found amusing dates. For example, Peanut Butter Day- Jan 24, imagine a peanut butter recipe contest in the break room. Besides voting the best recipe, include everyone in the fun with a breakfast box that has peanut butter treats! 

For 2019 we selected dates each month that work for many industries to serve as a quick guide for incorporating a promotional calendar into your marketing campaign. Keep following our blog for ways to connect your brand and your message with national calendar dates! 

 What national dates reflect your brand? Try adding a few to your marketing plan this year and track the results. Do you need some help identifying dates and how to incorporate those into your plan? Besides the dates featured on our website, we have saved national dates by industry to jump start your planning process. Ready to save a date?

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