Monday, June 3, 2019


If talk of tariffs has you down, there is an end around- go domestic USA Made!! 

There are quality, affordable options that are tariff free right here in the USA.This week we will focus on the numerous choices in our industry for home grown products!

For those that like to keep moving, traditional, quality, name brand items are the perfect way to brand. Aligning your brand with superior workmanship and offering low quantities for gifts. 

I will take this Duluth tote please! 

What types of products do you like to use daily? 

This is just one of many suppliers we will feature this week. This supplier has tools, knives, lighters, watches, bags, protective glasses, bottle openers, key tools, flashlights, coaster, multi tools, trailer hitches? Check it out here.

Excited to follow our options this week? 
Send us a challenge- what would you like to see as a USA-Made option????

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