Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pimento Cheese or Boredom?

Guess what, Keith and I are considering going to The Pimento Cheese Festival today. What makes that amazing? 

  1. I hate pimento cheese- I mean I really hate it!
  2. They are calling for rain. By the way, if you are not southern, callin' for rain just means rain likely
  3. What's not amazing is how popular festivals have become to cheap fun. In fact, rather than boredom or laundry- I will attend this festival! After-all, who's not only looking for something to pass the time, be entertained and see something new? I am also working, yep; always wearing my promotional cap. What's engaging attendees??

What makes an event successful? It's fun for the attendee, as well as engagement with exhibitors and performers. As a bonus, if it's located around brick and mortar business district, there will hopefully be increased sales for the day.

What types of items increase booth traffic?
  1. Fun and Useful Items- take a look at some options Made in the USA!  

In fact, shoe laces are one of the most adaptable, fun, low cost products in our market. 

Consider this:
  1. Fundraisers- each side can be different, ask a question and provide the answer
  2. School Spirit- highlight what's cool about your school
  3. Sport's Team Pride- mascots, team colors- full color - of course
  4. Awareness
  5. Hometown Pride
  6. Follow me to...
  7. Walk for.....
  8. Run- Walk- Bike- movement is key to good health
  9. Touch me- your feet/toes; 10 times everyday for better health
  10. Our business pairs well with your feet, 2 times the fun, your companion to.....
Next time you are at a festival, put on your promotional eyes- take notice of cool messages being shared with attendees. Headed to Cary this afternoon? You just might see us at the Pimento Cheese Festival; you can have all my samples!

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