Sunday, June 2, 2019

Chill- It's Easy To Brand Outdoor Locations!

June is National Camping Month and camping has come along way since my rustic cabin experiences in Girl Scouts. Don't get me wrong, if you want to go rustic- there are options. Whether you prefer rustic or glamping; there are options to enhance every campers' experience. 

If a bike is your preferred method to get to your destination, you'll appreciate this Specialty Hydration Bags When all you want is water, the CamelBak Hydrobak minimalist bike pack has you covered—enough water for a 2-hour ride, and a safe zip pocket for keys and essentials that measures 6" by 4". The new Crux™ reservoir also offers 20% more water per sip for faster hydration in the saddle. Includes water reservoir with 1.5L capacity.

Light Up Coolers - designed to outperform the competition all day & all night so your company will be proud to put your logo on them. Guaranteed to handle the toughest adventures one can throw at them. Our unique Logo Plate allows the light from our patented 100% waterproof rechargeable Night Sight LED Liner to shine through & illuminate your company's logo. Every LiT Cooler comes with four resuable LiT ice legs. Drop them into the corners of your cooler & drop the cooler temp in matter of minutes.

Light Up Water bottles-It's both a flashlight on top or with one click, the inside lights up so you can see the interior of the bottle.

Even Chill Packs for your cold beverages
View the complete line of mostly USA Made products here

Outdoor adventures are more comfortable with portable chairs and tables!   and even your own portable bug controller!   Keep the pesky bugs away with the Mosquito Repellent Night Lamp. The lamp features a bottom light, a bug zapping light, and a hanging hook. The both lights are activated by touch on the top of the lamp. The bottom bulb is a bright LED light comparable to a filament bulb. The blue light in the center surrounded by a safe guard has a special wavelength that attracts insects to the inner grid that shocks them with 2000V of electricity. They then fall to the inner space of the lamp there they can be swept away with the included brush. Perfect for all outdoor areas, the Mosquito Repellant Night Lamp is rechargeable by USB.

Whistle Safety Light provides some additional protection walking at night or on the trail.

Did you like these ideas for staying cool this summer? That's a wrap! Slap your brand around a beverage can; numerous shapes for choices.

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