Saturday, November 3, 2018

Move Over Valentine's Day- 5 Ways to Add Value this Season!

That's right- Valentine's might have the edge on flowers, but not on cards! However folks are still sending cards- even in a digital age! Our friends at Warwick Publishing have outlined 5 ways to make the most of your cards.

Holiday cards don’t have to be boring. When done right, custom holiday greeting cards can provide a memorable experience for your customers. Custom holiday cards improve customer relationships. They show customers that you value them, and keep your business and services top of mind during the holiday season. Holiday cards from Warwick are a great value, too — and there are lots of ways to use them to give your business a boost!

1. Build loyalty. Send a small gift ( like a 2018 Value Stick Calendar) or a special coupon for a discount on the customer’s next visit. This builds goodwill with your customers and encourages repeat business.

2. Be thoughtful. Send a handwritten note thanking the customer for their support. Share a story about your business growth or a highlight from your year to show them how they contributed to your success. Choose one of our stock holiday sentiments, or write your own. Be sure to hand-sign each card, too – taking a few extra minutes to do this (and using a real stamp) will make your card stand out.

3. Provide value. Send a short list of money-saving tips, a couple of your favorite holiday recipes, or a relevant “how-to” article inside the card. Keep it generic enough that all of your customers can appreciate the information, but specific enough that it relates to your brand or the products and services your company offers. Here are a few “value-add” content ideas:
  • Calendar of local upcoming events
  • 5 ways to lower your energy bill this winter
  • Local holiday gift guide
  • 3 ways to prepare your car for winter
  • 10 exercises you can do at the office
  • 8 ways to be more productive and stay organized in 2018
4. Invite them to engage. Use the card as an invitation to participate in a contest. Encourage user-generated content by asking customers to post an “action shot” picture of your product in use to social media with a custom hashtag for a chance to win a gift card or larger prize.

5. Ask for a referral. Customers will be spending lots of time with family and friends in the next couple of months. Including a simple “Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?” note in the card after you’ve thanked them and provided a discount or a gift can be a great way to build business. New customers trust the recommendation of a friend or family member over any other marketing source.

Nee more reasons to order custom holiday cards from Warwick?
  • Free gold or silver foil-lined white mailing envelopes are included with your cards
  • Award-winning card designs with over 100 classic and premium styles to choose from
  • Low 50 piece minimum order
  • Made in the USA from quality card stock
  • Free stock sentiments and personalization! Add your company logo or signature
Communication with your customers is a vital part of keeping them engaged with your business. Browse all of our award-winning custom greeting cards online! We’re here to help you design the perfect custom holiday cards to strengthen customer relationships, drive referrals and build customer loyalty. Have another idea to use custom holiday cards? Leave us a comment 

Stop by the showroom to see out holiday card samples and select the right one for you.

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