Saturday, November 10, 2018

Increasing Your Bottom Line for Less

Bottoms up! Who doesn't want more revenue towards their bottom line? Sharing your branding space with community partners for events, sponsorships or similar target markets is not only smart but will cost you all less to reach those consumers! 

If you follow our blog regularly, you know that building brand recall and retention is about being in the hands of your target market frequently. 

At a recent Fuquay- Varina Chamber after hours:

Oaklyn Springs Brewery
Goldfish Swim of Cary
First Federal in Fuquay-Varina 
Morgan- Perry Law of Fuquay- Varina 

Each business shared in the cost to have a pint glass printed with their logo for attendees. 

Did you know that kitchen items & drinkware collect some impressive stat's among consumers for longevity of use? 

Bringing a steady stream of well qualified customers is easier when you position yourself as a local resource for their needs. Most people want services close to their home or office for convenience. Check your kitchen - you are likely to have printed glassware, tumblers & water bottles, jar openers, coasters, sponges, chip clips, fly swatters, cake cutters, hot pads, measuring spoons, spatulas, and vegetable peelers! 

Word play with kitchen items will be remembered- such as don't be bugged by- get a grip on, don't be burned by.....the ideas are plenty. 

Drink ware in particular represents one of many products with a HUGE imprint area- generally a wrap imprint which means you can repeat logos, use more than one logo, add messages and images.

Next time you want to maximize your marketing dollars- as us for some creative ways to co brand for events and local partnerships! Ask us to help you design campaigns that could qualify for Co-Op dollars to offset your marketing costs!

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