Thursday, October 27, 2011

Service Case Study

-Keeping Grey Metal South’s name in front of HVAC businesses during the year
-Creating fun “sales call promotion” for sales team

Suggesting Grey Metal South use the holiday season as a time to enhance relationships with functional gifts that promote their brand; high quality products such as Maglight flashlights and invoice storage clipboards.

Creating playing card decks were a low cost impression, but great impression of the company with full digital playing cards as an “ice breaker” with new products.

Case Study:
“The flashlights and clipboards have been quality products that get our name in front of the end user of our product. The flashlights and clipboards are quality built items and have been a real hit. We use these as door prizes for the counter days and open house of the distributors we sell through. The playing cards were an excellent ice breaker.”

Tony Evans- Plant Manager

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