Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Church Case Study

Problem: Looking for ways to get their name out in the public for those looking for a new faith or ones in need of a church.

Solution: Use a magnet that can be used on a car to raise awareness of their church. Also to be used to connect people within the church to one another since the size of the church is so large.

Case Study: One older church member was heading to a church member’s house this past spring and got totally lost. In her frustration, she pulled into a gas station to get gas and figure out what to do. As she was getting gas, she happened to notice that there was a “Cary Presbyterian” magnet on the back of the other car. She didn't know the driver but went up to her and introduced herself (because of the magnet)! The other driver ended up leading her to the house she was trying to find, and now they know each other when they see each other in church!

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