Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Promotional Products Work

When new contacts say "oh you sell do dads or freebies" I politely point out that they are not leveraging the advantage, value, and benefits of promotional advertising until they understand how visual brand advertising works.

1- Given freely without obligation
          56% of recipients feel promotional products are an expression of gratitude
2- Your target audience receives long term exposure
          Promotional Branding is the lowest cost per impression on any form of advertising,
          except a billboard with the average cost at less than 1/2 cent or $0.004 per impression.
3- Your ad medium becomes your message
          58% keep a promotional item that is useful to them between 1-4 years
4- Items create  a memory hook
          94% of recipients can recall the name of a promotional item 2 years after receiving
5- Gifts build goodwill
          42% gained a more favorable impression of a company after receiving the gift

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