Saturday, March 31, 2018

Achieve More- The Power of One!

A frequent frustration we hear from our clients is, "What can we do for one person that's not apparel? "
  • Perhaps you only have a couple of employees
  • You are an HR manager looking for a way to create a fun employee program
  • Your a realtor looking for a closing gift, or a wedding planner looking for something for the new couple
  • Maybe you've done major home renovations and you want to say thanks
  • Would you like to add more value for a title sponsor at your next event?
  • How about your best client was featured on the cover of a recent publication
  • Commemorate an event such as a hole in one or the end of a season! 
 The answer is yes you can......during our recent power meeting we found several companies offering exactly what you need; flexibility in the power of 1!
What if that one item was a USA Product?  

Keep reading for a series of blog posts that highlight what can be done with a one piece minimum.

For example, "what's a foot"?  If you are one to not let "grass grow beneath your feet" then you will immediately see the value in owning all of your branding spaces.

  • Welcoming visitors into your office
  • Enhancing your tradeshow booth 
  • Reduce fatigue for employees on the shop or warehouse floor - include safety tips
Full color mats offer solutions!

USA printed towels- stunning full color graphics allow for photos, signatures, maps and of course your logo!

  • Welcome participants of your annual charity golf tournament with their name and a message from the title sponsor
  • Wow reunion attendees with a group photo or welcome visitors to your beach get away with a towel to remember
  • Curl up in your new home with a blanket from your realtor
  • Welcome new members to the gym with a sports towel
  • Remember the team's winning season with a photo towel
  • Destination conference? Include a map of the hot spots on the attendees towel!

Who doesn't love a fun game? Corporate challenges are a great way to develop teamwork both in & out of the office. 
  • Connect 4 in the break room
  • Can Disc Golf in the warehouse
  •  Bean Toss at an after hours event at the bewery 
  • Yard Yahtzee at the company picnic 
  • A good game of oversized Jenga at your next department meeting might make a good Segway into cooperation, balancing and teamwork planning for strong foundations.

Got something to share? 

  • A recent achievement- such as a hole in one? 
  • Featured on the front of a publication for your merits or product development?
  • Something to share with diners at their table, specials, local events?
  • How about a shopper program or charity that benefits from your investment to the organization- share it with your customers! 
  • Visitors in your reception area- share your brand story beyond the certifications and awards- create a storyboard that is a time line of your company, benchmark dates, back stories about employees. 

So many creative ways to interact with these products!

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