Saturday, March 17, 2018

How Do Calendars Drive More Business?

Calendars are a marketing tool that communicates to your customers for 365 days or 396 if you purchase a 13 month calendar!

Why does a calendar make so much sense as a marketing tool? Did you know that 9% of US Consumers own promotional calendars. Furthermore,  76% of those who own calendars say that they display them prominent locations in their home or business? 
 5 Reasons Branding with Calendars Works
  1. It's a useful gift. On average we look at a calendar 8 times a day. Many of us are in professions that require "counting days" to project closing dates, delivery dates, event dates and more. Providing a calendar that is custom designed for your market's use, shows value, expertise and understanding.
  2. The Cost! At less than $0.01 / day what's not to love?  Unlike your business card, calendars are not filed; they are in the desk space within reach of your hands & eyes.
  3.  Engagement- a year's worth of interaction- remember that can be over 365 days! 
  4. Target your ideal market. Mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, real estate attorneys are constantly counting days to closing.  Additionally calendar are an excellent tool for an older demographic. Consumers who are middle-aged and older (between 45 and 55+) are more likely to own promotional calendars. Use calendar to educate on a topic.
  5. Calendars help drive sales! How? 
    • Use your favorite social media to promote specials on specific calendar dates
    • Offer a discount coupon that they can tear off and redeem at your location. 
    • Offer exclusive weekly or daily specials borrowed from national calendar dates!
    • Highlight seasonal offerings with custom pages
    • Create contest with coloring calendars- offering fun and engagement. 
    • Remind employees of key safety tips or educate a consumer how to be "Green"  in their home or workplace.

There are 365 days in a year to connect with your target market & 260 work days in a year. Engaging employees with fun days in the office and sharing social media campaigns that beg to be shared are easy ways to share your message. At Promotional Partners we provide strategic solutions to your marketing & HR needs. Contact us- You’ll remember THE DATE our collaborative, creative & certified expertise made your marketing more effective!

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