Saturday, March 31, 2018

How Can Your Name Badge Add Value?

An employee name badge is not a ground breaking idea, after all we need to identify employees as part of a company on a home service all or for assistance in a retail setting. Larger companies use badges with integrated features for employee only access to doors for security. However the additional value adds to a traditional name badge might be just the feature your company has been missing. 

Plastic Badges and Name Tags

Custom plastic badges and name tags are durable ways to ID employees or event attendees. They offer ample space for marketing messages and logos, and are available with a variety of attachment choices. We've found a partner that can produce badges and name tags in 100% finished styles or in semi-custom styles that you can personalize on-site. They can include tamper-proof security features for extra peace of mind, and even bar codes for time and attendance systems. Custom shapes and sizes are available quickly, but standard sizes and shapes are available in a wide variety. See the complete listing of basic styles in shapes by viewing the Name Tags and Badges section of our partners' online catalog.

Full Color Name Tags and Badges for Your Staff or Team

We produce badges and name tags for daily use in the workplace, as well as special event credentials for off-site meetings. Your name tags can include full-color personalization with spaces for your employee names, or we will produce fully personalized tags with your employee names printed on them. Call us for a custom quote on your next order of name tags or employee name badges.

Name Tags and Plastic Badges can be delivered with the following features:

  • Full Color Photo-realistic Images and Logos
  • Your choice of attachment options (see image above)
  • Customer-supplied Data
  • Bar Codes and Magnetic Stripes
  • RFID Tags for Tracking
  • Holographic Security Foil
  • Tamper Evident Seals
  • Matching Color Custom Lanyards or Retractable Reels
  • Sequential Numbers
  • Scratch-Off Hidden Areas
We can make sure your name delivers more to employees and visitors! 

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