Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ready set brand, but what........

I’ve hear it said that branding is a marathon not a sprint.
Selecting the right promotional piece is a critical step to sustained longevity. It’s not just any pen. Does that pen work in your target environment to tell your brand story? If you are in a medical field and distribute antimicrobial pens, it shows you understand your recipient’s environment. A promotional product starts a relationship as a “gift”, a gesture, from your company to advertise who and what if significant about your brand message. Over the life of your company promotional pieces form connections as gifts, recognition for employees, define the appearance of your physical facility as well as the appearance of your employees on site or traveling in the community. Branded pieces even take the form of an ambassador when you sponsor a local charity or team.
Promotional pieces are not about how many items one can pick up at a tradeshow to take home to the kids. Pieces selected are about creating an identity and making connections via the vehicle of a tangible piece. Recall and brand retention are stronger using promotional pieces than other forms of advertising because they are useful; generating interaction. At Promotional Partners we believe that collaboration with our partners yield strategic selections, incorporating each branded piece as part of a larger “story” about your brand.

 What do you want each recipient to think when they hold your branded piece?

 Yesterday we posted a video for a line of handmade leather products, tanned here in the USA-custom to order. Leather leaves a lasting impression of high perceived value; quality leather becomes softer over use and time; adding a rich patina to the appearance and the feel of each piece. Because products are custom to order, add personalization such as a name or logo water marks to pages. Tell your story with a product that will be kept and used over years not just months.

Enjoy this video link from our face book posting yesterday, showcasing products:


PS- Be like Oprah, the Pope, The White House, Robert Redford, Justin Timberlake, BonJovi- all consumers of this product line for branding.

 How important is collaboration in developing unique referral packages or event planning? Dialogue will define direction and focused planning will create positive results. Today’s anniversary testimonial is from one of our partners that creates fantastic events and referral reward packages for their practice via collaboration with their marketing team’s vision.
“Thank you Promotional Partners for always taking my concept and vision for a referral delivery to an amazing finished product. Any job small or large, I know I am in good hands with your choices”
“Promotional Partners helps me convey a truly unique experience along with branding our business.”
Lisa -
Marketing and Education Liaison, Nuimage

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