Friday, May 16, 2014

Do you know a good storyteller?

If branding is telling a story, what type of storyteller are you?
Yesterday I made a joke about being an effective story-teller when introducing a speaker for our rotary meeting; saying he needed to “hook ‘um in” from the start. Everyone knows someone that tells a great story. Think about that person’s stories for a moment. What exactly compels you to hang on each word? Are you looking for the punch line? Is it the way they speak? Is their voice melodic, do they add crescendos or punctuate words? Maybe it’s their facial expression or their gestures; you get the idea.
Promotional products selection is a key part of story telling. When you look at the item, what do you see? Just an item or does that item suggest how that company’s products or services work? Has the business been so dedicated to color selection, with a “stand out” color that when you see pink- you think T-Mobile? Products that are clever or that become a “partner” in the recipient’s daily use become a platform for long term brand interaction.
Small business owner want to make sure before they spend their money that the investment is going to be worth the expenditure. Exploring how, when and where they plan to distribute products is an important step in the selection process. Identifying the parts of their branding that are important to them allow us to protect those elements in the selection process. One has to feel “good in their skin”. I’ve stood next to companies in an expo setting only to find the representatives giving out branded products have no clue why that product was selected.
Small business owners need to feel like their product choices reflect their message, adding punctuated moments to the recipient that draw them into their brand from the start; good story telling. Today’s posting features yummy- Apex Wings-
I initially began working with Promotional Partners to have T shirts made up for my staff.  The convenience of meeting in their offices provided me with the ability to touch and compare the products I was considering which I couldn’t do through the on line companies I investigated.  Also, being at the office was able to meet with the staff and communicate what I wanted in design.  As we discussed what I was trying to accomplish, they were able to show me other products and ideas that they offer that are helpful to my business.  I am using scratch tickets as a promotional item and they have designed coupons and gift certificates for me.  I think having a relationship with a local company that can help me with my business is worth whatever savings I may miss out on by using an online source.  Promotional Partners is exactly what the name indicates, they are a partner not just another vendor.
NIck- Owner Apex Wings


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