Friday, April 19, 2013

How'd They Do That; Logoed Lollipops

It all starts the same way, cooking

the ingredients to a boil and vacuuming

off the water.

The cooked, colored (by flavor) candy is poured

from the steam pot into the carrier to place on the

cooling table – adding the flavor.

After vigorous hand-mixing and

pulling, the candy is ready to become

fresh lollipops.

The hot candy is placed into the

batch roller assembly to become a

candy rope.

The candy rope is cut into
chunks and headed to the

press die and stick inserter.

At nearly 100 per minute,
the lollipops are spun

around the carrousel on

the way to the imprinter for

candy head logo printing.

After printing, the

lollipop is cellowrapped and heat

pressed around the candy and then

quickly cut into individual pops before

dropping onto the conveyor belt.

All of the same order is

spread to cool and await

their boxes for filling.

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