Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How'd They Do That; Golf

The logo artwork file is prepared for

golf ball imprinting using computer

graphics software.

Film containing the artwork is used to

burn the image into a light-sensitive

plate. This plate is washed/processed,

which results in a shallow, etched

image of the artwork on the plate.

The plate is set on a pad print

machine. The image on the plate

is flooded with ink, then doctored,

which leaves ink behind in the etch.

Printed balls are placed on trays at

the pad print machines. The trays

are then transported to dry rooms

where the ink is cured for durability.

The custom package is designed,

using templates that can be

customized with different photos,

logos and colors.

Each color is adhered one at a time

when the press runs the web of paper

over a drum that contains that color

of toner.

UV coating is applied by running the

web over a rubber roller with the

coating on it.

Packaging is die-cut using a 40-ton

press die cutter. A die is placed into

the press, a roll of prints is webbed

through and tension applied.

Before the prints enter the rails, they

pass under a glue dispenser that

beads glue where it is needed.

Golf balls are hand-packed into

custom sleeves.

Sleeves are assembled in custom

boxes to make the finished product.

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