Friday, September 28, 2012

Capture Awareness at Halloween

Halloween is coming and with over 31 million kids out trick or treating this fall it's a perfect promote your business. It's also an opportunity to be a good neighbor to families providing a reflective safety Halloween bag for children with your company branding.

Don't forget that adults like treats too, consider Halloween boxes with baked goods or custom candies to your favorite clients as a way to stop by for a visit this fall.

Why should you distribute free Halloween bags?

  • As children go from door to door their bag is seen.
  • Concern for child safety will be remembered.
  • Bags made of reflective material keep children visible at night; some with safety tips.
How do you set up a distribution plan for Halloween bags?

Offer a safety tip on your website or blog encouraging parents to stop by your location for bags. Do you own a retail location? Start handing them out with purchase or create a contest on line for great costume ideas.
  • Consider assisting a day care or senior center, promote together to save costs and double your exposure!




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