Monday, September 17, 2012

Marketing With Case Studies

What is the benefit of a case study?

How about I answer that question with a question? What makes a great painting? The beauty of art is there is no one way to create a masterpiece. Understanding the basic principals and elements of design allow the viewer to experience art yet create their own perceptions. Some artists create with the intent to allow a variety of interpretation and discussion, while others have a purpose that is captured quickly by the viewer. In writing a case study the business might be presenting a very straight forward message or they may be attempting to provide an image of how a product or service was adapted to their client’s specific needs.

How to write a case study:

Define a character with problem/aka the client

Be Concise, Be engaging

Explain the problem, introduce the company

Account for how you've helped solve a problem

Describe the change or result

Wrap up with current state of affairs- our competitive advantage is how we helped solve the problem and result of allowing for a new direction or positive change.

How do we use case studies to grow our business? Internally at Promotional Partners we work with our team to highlight stories with partners that will inspire ideas for other clients in similar industries; you've probably read one on this blog site or recieved one as part of our on going partners brand education tips. While each client has unique promotions, there are common core needs to driving business to the door and acknowledging partners that help to grow your business. By focusing on how a promotional piece was used by one of our clients we are reinforcing how promotional products create results. Afterall, you come to our company for results and expertise right?

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