Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How can you maximize results during a tradeshow?

Use a tradeshow setting as a way to be distinctive, be the booth that everyone wants to visit.

Promote your upcoming show via social media channels to invite prospects and current partners. Offer incentives for those that visit because of your social media messages.

Consider mailings to key attendees to create a personalized invitation to let them know you would like the opportunity to talk with them about their business.

Showcase products and benefits at the show that will help to increase sales for the attendee.

Make sure your booth is inviting and claim your space.

How should you claim your space? BRAND your space on the table, the floor, overhead, and with displays.
Use attention luring visuals or play games that offer initial engagement. Offer those attendees that stop a unique special or discounts. Remember the more you can interact with an attendee the more likely they are to remember your message. Make sure your visitor has a take away from your booth! Considering that most promotional items are kept at a minimum of 7 months and many for years, make sure your promotional piece is going to be functional for your attendee.

POST SHOW: don't forget to follow up in a timely fashion with attendees. They stopped at your booth, take the time to thank them and acknowledge that you appreciated the opportunity to introduce your brand to them. Consider offering follow up tours, seminars to "lunch and learn" and of course a promotional piece in the mail.

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