Sunday, October 7, 2012

Popular Showcase around the corner

It’s time for our popular 4th annual showcase. Clients love learning more about what works for other companies to attract and retain clients and employees. This year’s theme focuses on marketing as a team effort. Pick up your playbook of strategies ready to score during the remainder of 2012 as well as preparing your plays for 2013.

American made is hotter than ever and 8 of the lines featured have USA made products! Our popular NC based textile and woven company will be on hand again for top quality low cost high impact pieces across many industries. Are you looking for food gifts, calendars or greeting cards? No problem, plenty to sample. Additionally there will be some great choices for traditional holiday items and functional corporate gift ideas for office, travel or leisure.

There will be new hot product solutions for tradeshows, incentives, prospecting and on-site events such as training or tours. Tech items are a growing category that serves many demographics while creating solutions to challenges for upcoming marketing campaigns.

For the first time Sanmar, the largest apparel supplier in the industry, will be one hand with their complete line which includes wovens, polos, golf, work wear, safety, healthcare, tees, accessories, fleece, contemporary district, outerwear and brand names like Eddie Bauer, Ogio and Nike to name a few. Apparel and accessories are often an area that clients overlook for a source of gifts. Branded apparel and accessories are a simple way to provide a special client a specific item that reflects that client’s taste, interest and displays your brand. In a challenged economy many of our companies found that providing employees nice branded apparel was a great way to show appreciation as well as building brand awareness.

Are you looking for top requests such as writing instruments, drinkware, awards or bags? There will be 25 lines represented at the show providing both traditional and unique ideas for ways to increase your profits. Last year's event shown here was a huge boost to planning for success, contact Olivia to RSVP today; be ready to SCORE!


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