Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Generate More Traffic at Tradeshows

One of our industry suppliers, Target Graphics, created a unique T-shirt promotion to drive more traffic to their booth. The shirt featured their logo on the front of a black t-shirt highlighting one of their new leather ink processes. On the back they used a four color process to create a simulation of a $100.00 bill with text below it reading, “If we print on paper we’d be counterfeiters”. Pre-show mailings and publicity included teaser with the action call, come to Target’s booth and get a t-shirt to wear at during the show for a change to be entered to win a chance for $100.00. What was the result? They yielded enough traffic to post double their leads from the previous year!

Ask us to help you create a clever way to generate more traffic at your next convention booth or tradeshow event.

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